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Jealous or...she's thinking "I'd hit that"

Michelle's mother commented on this video saying, "Hurdler Michelle Jenneke's sexy pre-race dance routine has impressed millions of sports fans around the world, but Michelle's mother just doesn't see what's so impressive about her daughter's moves. In fact, she seems to believe that Michelle can do better than the hip-shaking and bouncing around that made her an Internet sensation.

According to Truth Dive, Michelle's mother Nicky bragged about her daughter's moves by saying, "She's been doing this the last three years. She doesn't get nerves before a race, she just gets very excited. Even before she raced Sally Pearson (at last year's Australian championships, where she finished third), she did this full 360-degree spin." You can bet guys will start searching YouTube high and low for that video since that move would involve Michelle showing off her backside, too."

So...where's the YouTube video of the 360-degree spin. Doyle would froth himself into a frenzy.
I dunno...but there are a couple pictures out there with her backside. One of her in a Wonder Woman costume too...