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    Exclamation Site Rules

    1) No Personal Attacks and No "Baiting"
    No Personal Attacks! A personal attack, as defined by, is a direct and malicious insult of another poster. While posters will be allowed to criticize a post or make an offhand commentary on a poster in response to a post, it is prohibited for a poster to maliciously attack another poster. This rule is punishable by warnings, temporary banning or permanent banning depending on severity and quantity of violations of this rule. Conversely, if you bait someone into personally attacking you, especially after a mod or admin has called for an end to it, this equally is a violation of the personal attack. Baiting will not be tolerated.

    ie) Poster A starts a thread about the best basketball coaches in the country and he says John Calipari is #1. Poster B comes in and calls him an idiot for saying such. If Poster B leaves it at that and doesn't continuously come in and call him an idiot every other post and doesn't add on with other names and insults then it is acceptable. If he does continue to attack Poster A, then it is a violation of the rule.

    Any and all threats of violence, or attacks on family members, regardless of intention, via the open forum, password protected forums, PM or Rep comment will result in immediate ban. Length of ban will be determined by poster history.

    2) No Spamming
    We absolutely do not condone the spamming of other members. You may not use your account here to spam other members, either via e-mail, private messages, or any other messaging client. We are very strict about this rule and you may or may not receive a warning before being banned if you break this rule. Spamming from outside sources should be reported to a Moderator or Administrator and will be removed from the forum as quickly as possible and the sender prohibited from posting. Additionally, you may not use your signature file to spam the board and advertise your own website. We have had problems in the past with posters posting just for the purpose of getting the link to their website seen. It will be at the discretion of the admins, mods, and owner whether or not you are spamming the board with your links. If you receive a warning and continue to spam the board with links to your own site you will be banned.

    While personal messages will always be personal, please understand that what you post in a PM may affect the receiver's general attitude towards you. Arguments from PMs may lead to arguments in general threads and this may lead to a violation of Rule #1.

    3) Don't Manipulate the Rep System
    The board allows posters to be assigned reputation. The intent of "Rep" is to give posters "props" when they make an exceptional post which another user feels is enlightening, informative, hilarious, etc. You should not assign someone Rep for an ordinary post. You should not assign someone REP simply because they agree with you. You should assign Rep when Rep is due. For example, if someone points out something you had never thought of and it really makes you think - Rep them. Conversely, if you post something like "Kentucky will beat Louisville by ten.", and somebody posts and agrees with you, do not rep them for that.

    The same is true for Negative Rep. Do not give Negative Rep to someone just because they disagree with you. Assign Negative Rep sparingly, and only if you think someone's post is misinformed, irresponsible, etc. Your username will automatically be signed to both Positive and Negative Rep you give someone. So remember that, when you are considering giving Negative Rep to someone.

    We will not tolerate threads designed to elevate Rep and they will be removed immediately. We also will not tolerate groups of people constantly "repping" each other for no good reason to collectively build up each other's Rep.

    4) Stay On Topic, Keep Threads in the Appropriate Forums, Keep It Clean, Including Sigs
    We request that you stay on topic in threads. It is ok to drift a bit here and there but please revert back to the original topic of the thread. Remember, the General Chat forums are pretty much anything goes - so take your conversations into those forums. The Pub is for more general chatting and fun things. The Think Tank is geared more toward current events, religious topics, "moral issues". While wandering occurs in those forums and is a bit more allowable, if you are requested to return to the topic of the thread, please do so promptly."

    Keep threads in the appropriate forums.

    This board is open to anyone and everyone - therefore, posting of obscene images, subverting the forum censors, and/or blatantly ignoring the forum rules will not be tolerated."

    Team boards are safe havens and should be treated as such. While all fans are free to interact on any team forum, talking smack to fans of a team on their team's forum is prohibited. Team forums are a safe haven from smack talk towards coaches, players, teams or members of the forum that represent the school whose team forum it is. For example, a Florida or Alabama fan cannot go to the Tennessee forum to take shots at Fulmer but can go there to talk about a game without smack talk. Breaking this rule is punishable by warnings and temporary or permanent bans depending on severity and quantity of the infraction(s).

    It's encouraged to link to your source when posting an article, but it is not mandatory.

    Do not make public posts questioning or commenting on these posting guidelines or any of the enforcement actions taken by mods and admins. If you have legitimate questions or disagreements with how the rules are being enforced then please do so by contacting mods and admins directly by private message. We will be happy to answer all your questions and explain everything on a one-to-one basis. This is the only acceptable way to deal with these matters."

    The enforced signature size limit is a maximum of approximately 35 lines of text or images which comprise a maximum of 350 x 700 pixels. This limitation is the TOTAL size for ALL text and images in a multi-image signature. Please no scantily clad women or otherwise inappropriate images or you signature will be removed.

    5) Account Rules
    Multiple accounts are absolutely not allowed. If you are caught posting with multiple accounts, both will be suspended and/or banned.

    Account names must adhere to the general rules of the boards - no profanity, obscene language, or personal attacks are allowed in usernames.
    Additionally, any photos in the signature or avatar must follow the board regulations for decency in a public forum.

    The Personal Photo option in your controls is for personal photos only. No pictures of celebrities, inanimate objects, or anything else - this is an optional section - please only use it by posting a picture of yourself."

    6) Violations
    Violation of any rule may result in a simple warning, an infraction or possibly a banning. The punishment will be meted out by the moderators and the administrators of the board. All punishment will be left to their discretion.

    If a user repeatedly breaks the rules or engages in actions unsuitable for the board the user may be banned. A banning committee has been formed and consists of the board Admins. When someone commits an offense deemed potentially worthy of a ban, that user will be temporarily banned while the banning committee decides whether or not the user should be banned and how long that user will be banned. A PM will be sent to that user letting the user know a ban discussion is taking place. The decision process will be 48 hours. During that time the banning committee will review the situation. They will then decide among themselves whether or not to ban the user and if so, for how long. The majority vote will decide the outcome. In the event of a tie, the site's owner will make the final decision.

    If you have an inquiry regarding a violation of the rules, please contact, via PM, the mod or admin who has given you the violation.

    7) Uploading
    Members are allowed to upload pictures in certain forums. These pictures must be .jpg, .gif or .png .They must also be under 60k in size.

    As with the general posting rules, this board is open to members of all ages - posting of obscene images, harsh language and/or otherwise ignoring the forum rules will not be tolerated with uploads.

    If you receive an error stating that you are not allowed to upload that file type, make sure that the file size is under the limit - this is the most common cause of problems while uploading.

    The forum does contain an 'Extreme Babe of the Day' forum which is accessible to VIP members who have confirmed that they are over the age of 18. If the administrators become aware of a poster who has claimed to be over the age of 18, but is not, the VIP privileges will be revoked and additional punishment will be determined by the administrators."

    8) Privacy
    We value the privacy of our members. We will not spam you, and we will not sell your information to advertisers.
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