Ok, I'm watching a bit of a game on ESPN2... does anyone understand this game? I really don't understand what the hell is going on. None of it makes sense to me. Why does everyone toss the ball within a few steps? Can you only take a few steps like basketball? Why not just lower your shoulders and run the hell over people? I'm not a very big or very tough guy, but even I could take the ball and run through a few tackles, but these guys don't even try, they just toss it almost immediately- which leads to a lot of soccer style this team has it, now this team has it, now the first team has it, now the other team has it situations when it seems easier for one guy to just lay people out. And why do they kick pass it? Even the best kicker can't remove the random elements of a kick pass. Are they not allowed to arm pass it? They try kick passes for what would be easy chucks for any mobile QB. If you can throw a shoulder and throw arm passes then Cam Newton would be a god in this game.