The funny thing is, this game exposed just how close but how far away Fromm is. I thought Riley Ridley just didn’t progress but when Javon got injured he slid into his role on the side of the field that Fromm is at his best throwing and had a career game…which showed me what I was hoping was not true, Fromm really didn’t progress as much as I had hoped over the season with making progressions.

Georgia won’t be back next season. You don’t survive the defensive losses that will happen without a step back, and I don’t care about there being a different coaching staff, new attitude and new way, etc, that step back is going to happen to about the top 15-20. The secondary will be more talented and possible better later, but the front 7 will be taking a major step backward for at least that season.

I expect Georgia to still make the SECCG this coming season but this time, get absolutely stomped on by Alabama. I have zero hope for that game when it occurs. The same pattern with Georgia and Nick Saban that has gone on for years (back to 2003) will continue despite a new staff. Close game then next one is a blowout.