Picks are due Saturday, January 6, 2018 by 12 PM EST. Pick the winner of each contest below. Also, provide a response to the question(s) dealing with each contest. I am including these to create more fun, instead of the generic "pick the winner". Each pick is worth 2 points, each question is worth 1 point. So, the maximum possible is 4 points for each game.


Bills at Jaguars

Which team scores first?
Will Blake Bortles throw for 250+ yards?

Falcons at Rams

Who passes for more yards in the first half, Matt Ryan or Jared Goff?
Will the Falcons kick 2 FGs or less during the entire game?


Titans at Chiefs

Which team will punt first?
Will Marcus Mariotta throw an interception?

Panthers at Saints

Who throws more TDs in the game, Drew Brees or Cam Newton?
Will Drew Brees get sacked in the first half?