"Letís start with something Iím not overreacting to: Alabamaís quarterback situation.

Four days before the national title game ó four days before Tua Tagovailoa threw the seed heard íround the world ó I was asked to offer a bold prediction for the 2018 season. I answered: ďJalen Hurts will not be Alabamaís starting quarterback in 2018.Ē

Itís Tagovailoaís job, and now the time is right to do right by Hurts and find him a position that he can play at the next level.

Hurts isnít the first QB and wonít nearly be the last to switch positions. Terrelle Pryor, Nick Marshall, Denard Robinson and Braxton Miller were hugely successful college QBs who drew or are drawing NFL paychecks at other positions. They did it without the benefit of playing those new positions in college.

Make the transition easier on Hurts. Whether itís running back, slot receiver, returner or perhaps somewhere in the secondary, make the transition this spring so no more time is wasted. He might be an NFL player, but itís doubtful heíll be an NFL quarterback.

Iíll let you overreact to that while I continue on with 10 things I am absolutely overreacting to after watching the SECís very best dominate the bowl season."