Should have been 6 because Kansas State has the same open date as TTU in the Big 12. Interesting that 3 of the 5(6) are Pac-12. Furthermore, 2 of the next P5 with the worst are Cal and Oregon who play 10 straight games before having a bye on 11/11. No team in the SEC nor the Big 10 has a bye in November. The latest in the ACC is 11/4.

"Of the 128 FBS head coaches who led their team into the 2016 season, 83 (65 percent) had a career winning record coming off a bye. It makes a statistical case for the widely-held belief that teams benefit from a week off.

What’s often overlooked is the timing of the break. Ideally, the open date is scheduled for after the halfway point of the season, but not too late to prove ineffectual.

The following programs will play the upcoming season handicapped with a way-too-early or way-too-late bye. In one case, it’s so extreme that the team will technically play the entire regular season without a break.

It’s yet another under-the-radar caveat of scheduling."