I'm not sure what UF expects but a FT discrepancy doesn't equal bias. Florida could not contain Monk, hence he was at the line a lot. Refs swallowed their whistlr plenty of times. Cal almost got a T in the first half. There were phantom calls against UK also (Leon fouling Gabriel on a free throw box out, gifting Robinson three FTs the prior play).. Im amazed Berry didnt get called for a single walk as much as he shuffled those feet. The refs arent the reason the better team won today. IMO, Florida should be more concerned with why Devin Robinson thinks hes Corey Brewer. He's going to shoot UF out of the tourney if he insists on taking step back Js.

I do wish Briscoe would stop acting like a punk. To do this without a lotto pick PG and to only know he'd be out 30 mins prior is impressive. I think UK responded this time after three UF run, unlike at the ExacTech Center. I think Bam has come alive in the nick of time. 30 rebounds this week. Derek Willis was the second best rebounder.

A third straight title is on our court now. Beat Vandy at Rupp, we have it!!!! It's essy to be down on this team. They are so annoying, but what an effort. We've had thd flu ravage our team, numerous injuries, yet are still 24-5 with only two bad losses, both in SEC play (one because of the score, the other because of the opponent). Our two best wins came without Fox basically (USC and UF). If we can get full strength, we can win the national title. Theres not a dominant team this year.