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From what I'm reading, USA would have been better off facing Brazil. Seems as if they are a dumpster fire.

"But if there is a pattern of important mistakes by the officials in Brazil's two crunch games in this competition, there is another pattern that comes to light: The team failed to score against either Ecuador or Peru. They filled their boots against Haiti, but that 7-1 win is now rendered meaningless by the draw against Ecuador and the loss to Peru. Switch the refereeing decisions around and it becomes the defeat to Ecuador and the draw against Peru. But the outcome is the same. Brazil go home."

We post a lot more about this and other stuff in the sub forum, come on over!

And its true Brazil sent B team to save Neymar and Co. for Olympics, and their team is a disaster but its still Brazil, their B team is better than us if coached right. But Dunga is an idiot, took the beauty out of the most beautiful team. But they got screwed yesterday, blatant handball.