I suppose that either used or unused condoms may be used depending upon your taste preferences.

"Condom Meals I Want To Make For You" features unique delights like condom salmon sushi, escargot in butter (also in a condom), and condom fruit parfait for dessert. Keep in mind that rubbers are tools, not ingredients, that would just be strange. Instead all of the dishes are compacted and served inside a prophylactic. Although there’s a good chance that the subtle taste of latex partially remains on the food.

Although the book may seem like nothing more than a joke, the author is addressing some important issues in Japanese society. Japanese men often skip the rubbers in sexual encounters and are the third worst in world for condom use according to NariNari. The percentage of men who actually use condoms is only 42 percent. As a result, rates on the prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases have been on the rise since 2000, as are the number of abortions.

So the Japanese condom cookbook gets people talking about condoms and safe sex, even if no one actually eats the food.

Otherwise, it seems doubtful if the condom actually adds anything to the meal except a hint of weirdness. For those people who want to try the recipes, but don’t want to go through their birth control, it looks like a normal water balloon would work just as well.

Still the author seems quite convinced that rubbers go great in the kitchen. In the description of the Japanese condom cookbook she writes,

“After the pot and the fry pan, the condom is the third piece of familiar cookware.”