Since the Geek Zone has now turned into a wasteland, I figured I would post this in a forum that would actually care about a professional wrestling video game.

Screenshots (obviously current-gen (Xbox One and PS4) - I believe these are taken from the PS4):

John Cena -

Randy Orton -

Goldust -

Gameplay footage from GamesCom:

Confirmed roster (not the entire roster, full roster is coming soon):

Game info page for WWE 2K15:

Full hands-on impressions from ExtremeGamer (I'd recommend reading this if you want a more comprehensive summary of the game so far):

I'll update this as more info becomes available.

I've been really excited by what I've seen so far. So much that I pre-ordered the game for Xbox One a week or so ago. If you pre-order the game, you'll receive codes for Sting (Crow and Surfer Sting) in the game case.