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till he shows up at Auburn with a "clean slate," then he is deserving of his second chance
They really should start teaching basic arithmetic in Georgia, as that theoretically would be his third chance. He was already on his second chance here, you know, from where he was found guilty of stealing, and Richt kept him on the team without any real punishment. Oh wait, is this the part where I do it? Oh it is! "Gus would've never kept a player on the football team that was actually found guilty of stealing!" "We don't have thugs on our football team!" Is that how I properly act like a Georgia fan?

It must be amusing though, having so much egg on your face, after how loudly your fanbase has cried and cried about players from other schools, but perhaps you might ask Aaron Murray about eggs, as correct me if I'm wrong, your fanbase actually egged his house after your defense lost another game for him, and right after he found out his dad had cancer.

Hey though, at least now you'll be able to kick this trash off the team, which is too bad considering he fits in with your own campus decor after a football game, as apparently none of your fanbase knows how to clean up a tailgate site and has no regard for the grounds upon which your university stands.

In the end, I guess the only conclusion I have come to, after reading through this thread, where I thought I might see the least bit humility in a fanbase that I used to respect and hold in higher regard, that the truth is simply what I see here, pathetic trash.