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09-24-2013, 01:52 PM
About time this sorry organization does something right. Should have never been involved in the first place.

Congrats Penn State

The NCAA has decided to reduce the historic penalties against Penn State, returning some of the 20 annual football scholarships that were forfeited under the sanctions handed down in July 2012 because of the university leadership's lack of action regarding the Jerry Sandusky child sexual abuse matter.

"Beginning next academic year [2014-15], five additional initial scholarships will be restored to the university's football team," Penn State said in a release Tuesday. "This amount will continue to increase until they reach the full allocation of 25 initial in 2015-16 and 85 total football scholarships in 2016-17."

The NCAA had reduced the number of scholarships available to Penn State from 85 to 65 as part of the sanctions in the Sandusky matter. The scholarship reductions were for four years.

"While there is more work to be done, Penn State has clearly demonstrated its commitment to restoring integrity in its athletics program," said former U.S. Sen. George Mitchell, who has been serving as the university's athletics integrity monitor. "The university has substantially completed the initial implementation of the Freeh report recommendations and its obligations to the Athletics Integrity Agreement, so relief from the scholarship reductions is warranted and deserved."

Penn State and the NCAA had agreed to the penalties a year ago, shortly after Sandusky was convicted of 45 counts of sexual abuse. Penn State is also paying a $60 million fine and serving a five-year ban on postseason play.

"The goal has always been to ensure the university reinforces clear expectations and a daily mindset within athletics that the highest priority must be placed on educating, nurturing and protecting young people," NCAA president Mark Emmert said. "The executive committee's decision to restore the football scholarships provides additional education opportunities and is an important recognition of Penn State's progress."

The decision by the NCAA is a reflection of its satisfaction with Penn State's reforms, including implementing 115 of the 119 of the recommendations made by Louis J. Freeh in his report last July.

"The announcement today by the NCAA that they are reducing sanctions on Penn State is welcome news," the family of former football coach Joe Paterno said in a statement. "Over the last 14 months it has become clear to open-minded people that the Freeh report is deeply flawed and the actions by the NCAA were precipitous and unjust. This action begins to correct the mistakes of the board of trustees, Mr. Freeh and the NCAA."

At a meeting in July, Nittany Lions coach Bill O'Brien asked the university's board to appeal to the NCAA to reduce the football sanctions.

rolling baby
09-24-2013, 02:17 PM
Called this when it first happened, the ncaa only took the schollies in order to quell the media firestorm. This was the plan all along.

09-24-2013, 02:23 PM
I'm fine with it, but they shouldn't be quoting the Paterno family. They wouldn't be in such a mess if it weren't for him looking the other way.