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09-26-2012, 12:59 AM
Please pardon Kevin Ollie if he seems a bit confused. The sight of Carolina blue has that effect on people. It apparently baffled the NCAA. The Tar Heels had major scholastic issues and escaped without a sanctioning scratch ( Ollie's UConn squad is banned from the 2013 NCAA Tournament. Roy Williams faces no such concerns. (AP Photos)
A couple of weeks later, Ollie became UConn’s coach ( No matter how well he does replacing Jim Calhoun, the Huskies will not make the NCAA Tournament this season.
Like North Carolina, UConn had a major academic breakdown. The offenses weren’t the same, but how they were handled cries out for explanation. That will happen about the time Roy Williams wins Dancing with the Stars. All we can do is scratch our heads and wonder why every student at UNC doesn’t major in African and Afro-American Studies.
There were 54 classes in which the only apparent passing requirement was that the student be able to tackle or dribble.
It was a classic Keep-Jocks-Eligible Sham, apparently dating back to the 1990s. There was little or no instruction, accountability or attendance requirement. The classes were made up mostly of football players, though basketball players were enrolled, too.
A basketball player was the only student in two classes. One was a Swahili course, which would have come in handy had the Tar Heels made that trip to the Mozambique Holiday Classic.
Nobody disputed these shenanigans took place, yet the NCAA concluded in August that no rules were violated. Apparently the organization’s manual has no statutes that read: “Swahili students are required to speak a few words of Swahili.”
Then again, there were no NCAA regulations stating assistant football coaches can’t shower with boys. Yet the NCAA nuked Penn State with every penalty except public execution.
So you’ll understand why some people think the NCAA is just making things up as it goes along. They probably do in Tallahassee, where Florida State forfeited scholarships and football victories over a course scam in 2006 and ’07 similar to North Carolina’s.
They likely do in Storrs, where the Huskies failed to meet new Academic Progress Rate requirements. The APR measures grades and graduation rates.
The fact a basketball power like UConn got nailed shows that the NCAA is somewhat serious about putting the student in student-athlete. The fact UNC skated shows that the NCAA is still the NCAA.
It wrote the manual on double standards and arbitrary justice. In fact, NCAA officials could teach a course on those subjects. If they taught it at North Carolina, it would be in front of an empty room.
Not that anyone from the NCAA would notice.

09-26-2012, 11:10 AM
Its pretty sickening

09-27-2012, 08:01 PM
Jay Bilas for NCAA President