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10-20-2011, 09:26 AM

In an attempt to offer his son Pat a helping hand, it appears Bob Knight may have violated NCAA rules.

Bob Knight, according to a report in the Indianapolis Star, spoke to high school prospects Jason Smith and Donnell Minton during their recruitment by Lamar coach Pat Knight.Smith and Minton, who have both committed to Lamar, said the calls lasted roughly five minutes each.

"(Bob Knight) told me that he thought I'd be a good fit for the program and said he hoped he'd see me at Lamar," Minton told the Star.

NCAA rules allow only basketball staff members to contact recruits, though exceptions can be made for university presidents and academic advisors.

The Beaumont Enterprise reported last week that the two recruits "attended the Lamar football game Saturday and talked by phone with Bob Knight."

Pat Knight responded Tuesday night, telling the Beaumont Enterprise he was unaware Bob Knight's calls were against NCAA rules.

"It was a quick hello on the phone and that was it," Pat Knight told the Enterprise. "We recruited the heck out of the kids. He had nothing to do with that. I mean, he just was excited we were recruiting Indiana again and wanted to say hello to them and that was it.

"At least I'm not paying them," Pat Knight continued. "The NCAA should look into guys that are paying players and not worry about guys that are doing it the right way. ... I don't care if my dad is a celebrity or not. I think it's (expletive), honestly. The guy is my dad. If he wants to say hello to a recruit, he can. If we get reprimanded, fine. They need to check into guys that are outright cheating instead of nickel-dime stuff like that."

NCAA spokesman Erik Christianson told the Star he couldn't comment on the situation, but added that, "Generally speaking, telephone calls to prospects can only be made by coaching staff members or those listed in the exceptions."

Lamar's interim athletic director and compliance director, Jason Henderson, said in an email that the school is "working through our internal process along with consultation with the Southland Conference and NCAA."


Talk about a family that freaking thinks they're above the rules. Others cheat and break rules. If they "infract" upon me, it's not my fault; it's "their" fault because their rules aren't clear enough.

"The right way" my ass.

10-20-2011, 11:12 AM
Guess this explains why Bob Knight was so adamant about jim tressel doing nothing wrong :rotf:

10-20-2011, 02:57 PM
You think that's much of a recruiting advantage though?