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02-06-2009, 09:02 AM


Friday, February 6, 2009
Platini rails against City, Beckham and English

UEFA president Michel Platini will step up his efforts to bring in financial controls on top clubs after being stunned by Manchester City's "ridiculous" 100million bid to sign Kaka. Platini's advisers are working on a number of different proposals aimed at creating a more level playing field - in financial terms - for clubs involved in the Champions League and Europa League - the revamped UEFA Cup.

Speaking on a visit to London, Platini said: "How one guy can cost 150million euro is ridiculous from a social, football and financial point of view.

"It's why we have to do something to have a transparency and a fairness in football. It's not good for the popularity of football."

Platini said clubs should concentrate instead on bringing through young players from their local population.

He added: "In Manchester City they can work with all the young players in Manchester and bring them to the academy and they become like Kaka.

"Then they don't need to buy him for 150million euros because they will have him in their own academy."

Platini will bring proposals on financial controls to March's meeting of the Strategy Council - the body made up of representatives of the leagues, associations and players - but he said they will only affect European club competitions, not domestic league matches.

Possible ideas include preventing clubs spending above their income, or limiting clubs' spending on wages to a fixed proportion of their revenue.

Another suggestion is limit the size of the squad to 25 rather than allowing numbers at the biggest clubs to rise to 40 or more players.

Platini added: "It's not an English problem, it's a European problem and I have to find a good system which allows everybody a chance to win."

He said clubs that did not comply with the new system would be replaced by others placed closest in the league.

The UEFA president also revealed that he will call for a debate on changing transfer rules so that a player cannot play in the same competition for more than one club in any single season.

That would cause a huge change to current rules, meaning that short-term loan deals or January transfers between clubs in the same league would not be permitted.

Platini's attention was drawn by David Beckham's three-month loan deal with AC Milan, and he will raise the subject at the FIFA's football committee, which he chairs.

"For me when you play for one club in a competition and then play for another in the same competition in the same season it is not ethical," he said.

"I also think a player should play for at least a season, not three months.

"We will speak about that at the next FIFA football committee."

Platini has a reputation for being anti-English clubs and specifically anti-Premier League but he insisted that was not the case.

He added: "England is atypical because in the rest of Europe the national association is the boss of football, but in England there is a big power with the Premier League.

"They do what they want - and sometimes against the statutes of FIFA.

"I just have a philosophy that everyone should be able to win [the league], but more and more and more that cannot happen."

02-06-2009, 04:26 PM
Platini- great player, moron as administrator. He needs to go away.

02-06-2009, 06:40 PM
I oppose a salary cap, but some of the bids on these guys are f'ing absurd. Fortunately, ManU has a tremendous farm system. Just google the United Academy Class of '92 :)

The Class of '92 was just that. Normally a youth side will yield one first-team player, two if the club is lucky, but of the XI who started for United on May 15 1992, four became England internationals - Ryan Giggs, David Beckham, Gary Neville and Nicky Butt - while the two substitutes, Keith Gillespie (now Blackburn) and Robbie Savage (Leicester), have been capped by Northern Ireland and Wales respectively. Of the others, Ben Thornley (transferred to Huddersfield), Chris Casper (Reading), Kevin Pilkington (Port Vale), John O'Kane (Everton), Simon Davies (Luton) and Colin McKee (Kilmarnock) made it to the first team and only fullback George Switzer who was given a free transfer to Darlington at the end of the 1992-3 season and is now playing in non-League football in the Manchester area, was never picked by Alex Ferguson.

(this article is actually wrong on one thing- Giggs played for Wales, not England)