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06-24-2007, 07:09 PM
Don't worry about coach Billy Gillispie's finances. The paychecks are coming. They have been since he was hired away from Texas A&M.

But Gillispie is operating without a contract, a situation that athletic director Mitch Barnhart said he hopes will be rectified soon. Gillispie's lawyers have looked over the deal. UK's representation still has to do the same.

It's a standard -- and often not speedy -- procedure in coaching hires. Alabama football coach Nick Saban worked for six months without a completed contract.

"For the first two months (Gillispie) has been here, his focus has been absolutely lock-step on the recruiting trail," Barnhart said. "We're just working our way through that and finalizing schedules and personnel and everything like that. We'll get to (the contract)."

Gillispie and UK have been working under a memorandum of understanding in lieu of a finished contract, Barnhart said.

That assures that Gillispie is getting paid.

And in his short tenure at UK, Gillispie already is earning his keep, Barnhart said.

"He has done a remarkable job in 2? months," the AD said. "He's worked really, really hard to recruit, to bring some players in here that give us a different look. Billy has certainly given us the energy that we needed and that fans desired. He has a passion for basketball that I haven't seen a lot of people match."

06-24-2007, 07:52 PM
I actually didn't know that....interesting...:think: