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06-20-2007, 02:13 PM
PIKEVILLE, KY. - If coaching don't work out the University of Kentucky head basketball coach Billy Gillispie has a career in stand up comedy.

Gillispie had UK fans rolling in laughter as he cracked one joke after another Tuesday during the FCA luncheon at the Pikeville Expo Center at Pikeville.
Athletic Director Mitch Barnhart talked about always putting God first in everything you do and it even taking importance over basketball. Gillispie said he would be sure to remind Barnhart of that in the future.

I got that wrote down said Gillispie. When my review comes at the end of the year I will remind him to put God first.

We are going to have a call in show this year added Gillispie. I would like to remind all UK fans if you call to complain to put God first.

Gillispie went on to talk about various topics including marriage. One notable fact is that the new coach is possibly the most talked about bachelor in the state as Gillespie is divorced.

I tried marriage once said Gillispie, That didn't work out very well.

Gillispie has a known reputation for text messaging his recruits more than any other coach in the business.

I do love text messaging, said Gillispie. If they had it when I was married I probably wouldn't be divorced, you can communicate without talking.

The UK coach did more than crack jokes however as he took the opportunity to talk about the excitement involving around the upcoming season and being at UK.

We will cut down the nets down someday, said Gillispie. Hopefully it will be sooner than later.

I've hit the ground running since coming here and added a couple of pieces to our team that I feel will be valuable added Gillispie. I also am excited about our returning players, I see a lot of intangibles we can bring out in them.

Gillispie also said he may not be finished with the recruiting class for next year.

It's still possible we could add another player for next year said Gillispie, If we can find somebody that we feel will be a difference maker for us then we would sign him.

I want to play fast, said Gillispie, But I don't want to be playing fast just to be playing fast.

The players will determine our coaching style, added Gillispie. I play to win and in order to do that I have to play a style to best utilize the players abilities that I have.

Gillispie went on to take a crack at other coaches in order to show why he feels that basketball is the toughest job to coach.

With football you play 10-12 games a year and all they do is run into each other said Gillispie. Basketball is harder than that.

I coached track in high school added Gillispie. It is very easy to coach, when they asked me what to do I told them to run make all left turns and get back to me as quick as possible.

Gillispie will enter his first season with the Wildcats, a job which he said was the best position in college basketball and possibly all sports. But with the hype of coaching at UK comes the critics and expectations. So Gillispie hopes he will still have UK fans laughing come March.

06-20-2007, 02:15 PM
“I do love text messaging,” said Gillispie. “If they had it when I was married I probably wouldn't be divorced, you can communicate without talking.”


06-20-2007, 02:33 PM
Thanks so much for posting this XPS. This was fun to read and I needed something new to get into.:parrot:

06-20-2007, 02:45 PM
Thanks so much for posting this XPS. This was fun to read and I needed something new to get into.:parrot:

No problem Kevin and your very welcome..:cheers:

06-20-2007, 04:20 PM
I was impressed with Gillispie instantly when I saw their game at Kansas this year on Gameday (the week before ours with Florida). Gillispie really showed a penchant for making quick changes and alterations, because they got down in the final 2 minutes big (relative to the amount of time left in the game) and they still pulled it out on the road. Of course, it may have been more Acie Law than Billy Gillispie with the clutch shots at the end, but he still willed his team to victory from the sidelines.