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12-21-2016, 10:42 AM
Su ● per ● fan

1. a person who has an extreme or obsessive admiration for a particular person or thing

Are you obsessed with SEC basketball? Do you live and breathe your school’s athletics? Is your room or house decked out with all things Roll Tide or War Eagle? Perhaps you might have BBN tattooed on your bicep. Maybe you have never missed a tip off in 4 years and wear a tiger costume to every game so people only know you as “that tiger guy/girl.” You get the picture.

I’m a former SEC alum working on a big video project and we’re looking for one (possibly two) super fans from each of the 14 SEC Schools who are devoted to having crazy over the top love for their team. Looking for a current student and/or alumni. We want you to give us a look at what tradition and dedication really look like.
• Must be willing to be filmed on camera/be interviewed and have room/house filmed as well
• Must attend game and be comfortable wearing a GoPro to record video diary style footage if need be
• We will want to record your game day experience the day of and any rituals, traditions, etc.

If this sounds like you or anyone you know – we would love to hear from you!

Please reach out by email to: amarcinko28@gmail.com