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11-09-2016, 06:09 PM

4* WR/TE James Mitchell, from my hometown. A 2018 prospect, henhas offers from Vandy, VT, UVA, Duke and Clemson/ND have both shown interest (took an unofficial to ND for the Miami/ND game). He's clearly the highest rated recruit from nt neck of the woods, even higher than future NFL RBs Thomas and Julius Jones (Thomas was a Pro Bowler and has over 10,000 career NFL rush yards) coming out of HS. I've saw this kid play for three seasons now, and while I'm not sure 4* is correct, the fact he received D1 attention is positive. He plays extremely physically (OLB/STAR on D) and has shown great hands and body control. Doesn't have size for TE yet and his speed isn't a WR yet, but he's a great blend of the two and can grow into either position, a la Evan Engrahm. Grades and attitude are no issue at all, has never been in any kid of off field trouble yet and is a straight A type student. Is not a stat monster, but that speaks to his attitude as a team first guy, he has been major factor for a state quarterfinal run as a soph and has Union in position for a run this year with one season left.

VT has a healthy lead, but if a UT/USC or maybe even UK offered, I'm not sure he couldn't be persuaded to compete in the best conference in the land.

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11-12-2016, 07:55 AM
UGA hasn't offered.

11-12-2016, 12:12 PM
UGA hasn't offered.

I know UGA doesn't recruit VA very much, but this kid is legit.