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12-23-2015, 10:31 AM
Parents in NM went to COURT to get a temporary restraining order overturning the state's concussion protocol so their son (a star RB) could play in the state championship football game.

Short version- player gets knocked unconscious in the semifinal on Saturday. School trainer (a medical professional) diagnoses a concussion. State protocol (Passed into law by the NM legislature) calls for a 7 day inactivity period, rendering him ineligible to play in the title game the following Friday. Parents took him to another doctor on Tuesday, FAILED TO TELL HER THE PLAYER HAD BEEN KNOCKED OUT, and she diagnoses no head injury. Parents go to court with her diagnosis and convince a judge to issue a TRO banning the state concussion protocol from applying to their son. The district complies with the TRO and the kid plays (albeit sparingly and not as a RB). Later, the doctor rescinds her diagnosis after learning the kid had been knocked unconscious.

WTF are these parents thinking (or not, as certainly applies in this case)? Frankly, the state may have a case to bring child cruelty charges against them...


12-23-2015, 10:41 AM
Yeah its dumb. No way this kid should have been playing. Is that state title that important to these parents? That title is more important than the present and future of your kid. These guys need to get more educated about concussions

Just Some Hog Dude
12-23-2015, 11:17 AM
I am starting to feel bad about watching college football. They need to do everything they can to make it safer.