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12-02-2015, 06:44 PM
I like the defensive intensity this team plays with. They have things to work on, especially at times in some of the rotations. However, you can never fault the effort level and intensity they bring. Florida is playing wave after wave of guys and they stay fresh enough to dig in and play tough all 40 minutes.

John Egbunu is a beast on the inside. His post moves are a lot further developed than I expected. He rebounds with relentlessness. He finishes strong. If he was eligible last year, what a difference it would have made. I really like his game a lot. Hayes will benefit from him as he develops. His game seems to be improving every game of his freshman year. Gives UF a good inside presence.

Finney-Smith is at his best that I've ever seen. He is much more of a playmaker setting up guys and facilitating for guys where before he got the ball and tried to create just for himself. I love his leadership and what he has evolved into as a player.

Chiozza is just fun to watch. His handle and vision for passes is fantastic.

As a team I think shooting is a critical issue. If they hit some 3's and stretch defenses, it is difficult to defend them with the size, length and athleticism. If they don't hit jump shots, teams will sag the zone and pack it in. So that is a critical key. That really falls to Chiozza, Allen, Finney-Smith, Francis-Ramirez for the most part. Defensively they will play you tough for 40 minutes and any chance to run they get out fast. Free throw shooting has really improved from the exhibition games.

Mike White seems to have an ability to make some adjustments and motivate players. I think he has a lot of room for growth but if he can recruit at a high level, he should be able to produce some really good teams.

12-03-2015, 01:10 PM
What's your outlook on how they'll fare in the SEC?

12-04-2015, 08:15 PM
Its hard to say. Honestly a lot comes down to shooting. Athleticism, length and height can be negated if teams pack the zone in. Only way to do that is to shoot well. Purdue was a horrible match up in that game because UF tried to limit the 2 7-footers but they got red hot shooting from deep and you can't guard both like a blanket because of the mismatch with two gifted players that big. Not many represent that challenge. So defensively we should be OK. Offensively at times it can be frustrating to watch. I think the team is distinctly better with Chiozza running the half court v Hill. The more the half court offense goes through Dodo and Chiozza the better.

It will come down to shooting. I think UF is going to finish strong because they can wear down a lot of teams. Not everyone but a lot. If shots fall, they can surprise people in some big games. UF has a tough out of conference schedule so they will be well tested by conference play.