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11-06-2015, 09:13 AM

11-06-2015, 09:46 AM
Wowzers.....10-27 from the FT line. That will def have to be fixed

11-06-2015, 01:55 PM
Some want him out some want him in, there are a few candidates that are being viewed as his potential replacement and here are 5 of them: http://www.campussports.net/5-potential-coaching-replacements-georgia-bulldogs/

Get that crap out of here dude.....

11-06-2015, 03:39 PM
LOL.....Hasn't coached an official game and there is already a list of replacements? Funny stuff

11-06-2015, 03:42 PM
Wowzers.....10-27 from the FT line. That will def have to be fixed

Bowers started 3-13 from the line last night. Beat that.

11-06-2015, 04:34 PM
Some talk about MSU doing Rick R bad...but talking about replacing the guy before he even coaches an official game...wow.

11-07-2015, 06:27 PM
That's not a Gator fan lol And he's gone. FT is a concern. This team could surprise people.

11-14-2015, 07:40 AM
OK, I watched the Navy game.

I think UF is gonna be pretty good.

Deep, young and athletic.

They need a dependable leader to emerge.
They need more offensive production.
The defense seems decent.

Optimistic about this team.

11-14-2015, 07:46 AM
"Egbunu was a monster in the post, offering Florida a physical, high-energy presence in the paint."

Love this kid's attitude.

He's raw and angry.

Haven't seen that since Noah.

11-15-2015, 09:08 PM
It's a deep and athletic team. Lots of new parts between the JUCO Leon, the freshmen, Egbunu, Rimmer and Francis-Ramirez. So between the new guys and a new system it takes time to gel but the defensive effort was encouraging. I think the offense will develop as the year progresses. I think this team could be a tournament team.

11-16-2015, 10:23 PM
Gators 104-54 over North Carolina A&T. Obviously its a game UF should win but it is good to see the team getting going shooting wise. Obviously its just the second game against an overmatched opponent. Its just good to see strides shooting the ball, especially from the outside.