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07-13-2015, 02:51 PM

Florida State football players may like to punch women, but that’s nothing compared to how they roll at Santa Rosa Junior College in California. A pair of football team prospects were arrested for shooting a prostitute and pistol whipping her pimp. And they were so cool about it that they grabbed some fast food just feet from the crime scene.

ABC 7 reports that Ronnie Paul Threadgill, 22, and Koa James Sibley, 19 have been arrested on a variety of charges including attempted murder and assault for an incident last Friday. There are many details missing, but it went down something like this.

Sibley dropped Threadgill off at a Motel 6 where he met up with a woman prostitute and her male pimp. The news report says that the woman was “engaging in prostitution.” Does that mean she was performing a sex act on Threadgill or someone else? I think it’s a better story if the prostitute was with another “client.” In any case, Threadgill pulls out a gun and shoots the prostitute. He then chases the pimp and bashes him in the head with the gun.

So what was this? An argument over money? A robbery? An attempted thrill kill. As an interesting side note, Threadgill’s father was a convicted murderer that was executed by the State of Texas. Maybe this was just a case of the acorn not falling far from the tree.

A short time after Sibley dropped Threadgill off, he returned to pick him up. Now you’d think that with Threadgill cappin’ a ho and bustin’ her pimp, the duo would want to get the hell out of there. You’d be wrong. Instead of speeding away, they went to a Jack in the Box in the same shopping center as the Motel 6. Hey, if a dude wants a Jumbo Jack he wants a Jumbo Jack.

As they left the drive-thru with their food, a police officer pulled them over. The cop had no idea what Threadgill had just done, he stopped them for a traffic violation. Just then, the shooting call came in and the officer let Threadgill and Sibley go so he could respond to the more serious call.

Threadgill and Sibley were later identified from the motel security cameras and arrested. The pimp also ID’d Threadgill as the shooter. Threadgill has been charged with attempted murder and assault with a firearm. Sibley was charged with being an accessory to the crime. The prostitute survived the shooting but is in critical condition, unable to speak.

Let’s see Florida State beat that.

The news interviewed the Santa Rosa football coach. He didn’t say how this incident might affect the duo’s chances of making the team this season, but described them as “enjoyable” kids to coach. I’ll bet.