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04-05-2015, 03:19 PM
Please no negativity in this thread. Whether you think he's shady or not.
He deserves this and he's been fantastic. Amazing achievement. To go from fired 16 yrs ago to this!

04-05-2015, 04:30 PM
who was a better coach? Calipari or Bo Ryan?

04-05-2015, 04:58 PM
It's not about a one game situation. If not Cal was better last yr. Then what do you do?

09-10-2015, 03:15 PM
The night has arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congats Hall of Famer John Calipari!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

09-18-2015, 08:07 PM
Congrats to Coach Cal! Well earned and deserved, IMO. One of the greats of all-time and certainly arguably the best in today's game. Also great to see a Western PA guy inducted into the Hall. :)