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03-07-2015, 04:08 PM
-We do it without in the summer, Alex Poythress, and with a leading scorer that doesn't get 11 ppg. That's maybe what I'm most proud of. Nice to see the guys wear the 31-0 shirts. Good address from WCS to the crowd. I hope that's not his last game at Rupp!

-First power league team to do this since 1976 with Indiana

-Sad, that there are at most only 9 games left.

What does this say about the SEC though. 2012 UK goes 16-0, 2014 Florida goes 18-0, 2015 UK goes 18-0. Three of the last four years there's been an unbeaten conference champ. This won't happen next year for anybody, but it says something about this league that this is happening so often. (Cal has as many unbeaten conference seasons as anybody besides Wooden when you factor in those UMass and Memphis teams).

03-07-2015, 04:17 PM
Congratulations to Kentucky, the basketball program, fans, and the university on a perfect regular season. Quite an accomplishment in today's era of college basketball. Seems like there is more parity now than ever. Whale of a coaching job by Calipari. The man has to be one of the best in today's basketball. His legacy only takes on a higher level of greatness.

03-07-2015, 04:26 PM
Ked, I tried to rep you. Pure class from you. Pure class.

I think Cal hit lightening in a bottle this year. In terms of press clippings this recruiting class is our weakest or second weakest, but to return everybody but Randle and Young was incredible. What happens if UK wins the national title last year... other guys would have left. What if WCS never gets injured in the Sweet 16. UK likely wins the national title. Then, this year doesn't happen.

What if Cal wins that 2008 title in Memphis? Bet he never comes here. Lots of what ifs to ponder.

I gotta give credit to our parents for a second. From the Aaron Harrison down to Tom Lyles to Melvin Booker, those parents all bought in to this "super team" idea. There have been no chemistry issues. Guys could have demanded more shots. Guys could be all about their numbers in terms of seeking individual awards, but there's been none of that. Our parents have allowed this to happen. This is as much their success as Cal or even the players!

You mention Calipari and his legacy. This is huge for Cal's legacy. It's one thing to get unbeaten records in C-USA, but he's doing this against the SEC in the one and done era. I gotta think Cal is going to get into the Hall of Fame this year. I know it's announced after the final four, but what more do you need to see from Cal. The fact that Cal does it the right way is the best thing. People would have you believe Cal is dirty. That couldn't be the furthest thing from the truth. I am not ready to say I like him more than Tubby Smith, but man he's 1B.

03-07-2015, 04:57 PM
I was going to post this thread, but you beat me to it. Congrats to the Cats on a perfect regular season.

03-08-2015, 05:15 PM
Congratulations to the Kentucky Wildcats on an undefeated regular season.

A rare accomplishment.

03-08-2015, 05:24 PM
KT, many thanks! Rep right back at you, although it says I must spread. Cal is such a great coach, I think this year is really speaking to his true ability. So far he's overcome odds to not make it undefeated through the regular season. He led the team through the "near misses" and his players found a way to win. I know he was not out there playing, but it's what he's instilled in his guys is, to me, what's impressive. So I believe it's great for you and all the other Kentucky fans on here to soak in the perfect regular season. Your school deserves it when you have a leader like John Calipari. The man is outstanding at what he does - win basketball games.

Agree that he wins against some of the nation's best competition. The SEC is head and shoulders greater than C-USA. The SEC is one of the toughest conferences this season! Usually they are not around the top. For the conference to have the nation's top ranked team only enhances its strength.

Another reason, I am real happy for Cal because he's a local guy. He's from Moon Township, PA. I grew up and reside not 40 minutes from there. It's special for me to see a Western Pennsylvanian succeed in his profession. Doesn't matter who they coach or play for. In this instance, Cal is at the pinnacle of college basketball. It's remarkable. As a matter of fact, Cal was a guest on a local radio show the other day, saying how much he enjoys coming back home. I found out he really loves his pizza. He mentioned a local, family owned joint, about 5 minutes from where I live, as one of his favorite hang outs. Guess I am going to have to frequent there and look out for him during the off-season. :cool:

03-08-2015, 05:52 PM
Oh yeah Cal is Pittsburgh thru and thru. You know an Italian has to have his pizza lol.