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  1. SEC Power Rankings by SI...
  2. Derek Dooley interviews with La. Tech...
  3. Auburn/Oregon State is a no go
  4. Auburn suspends players indefinitely
  5. Sports Illustrated on Alabama's BOT's Effect on UAB
  6. All I can say is, Go Cards!
  7. UAB hires UGa's Callaway as coach
  8. Uh oh, Spurrier vs. Bowden
  9. One S. Carolina player to transfer. Another goes pro a year early.
  10. Derek Dooley is the new La. Tech coach...
  11. Lindy's take on the Bama coaching search
  12. Any of you use rivals..
  13. Hogs get Nutt for 6 more years
  14. How dumb are some Alabama fans?
  15. Kentucky fan doing an amazing thing...
  16. Murdock Off Team, Beecher Shines In Scrimmage
  17. Reggie Nelson wins the Jack Tatum Award!
  18. Bowl bonus for coaches, interesting read
  19. No word on Hogs QB for bowl game
  20. No more Redshirts, 5 years eligibility in the future
  21. UGA Names Bobo New Offensive Coordinator
  22. Jim Harbaugh to coach Stanford
  23. Reggie Ball's Halloween costume.
  24. Jimbo Fisher to Florida State..............
  25. Bama's Bowl
  26. Recruiting
  27. HaHa
  28. Who is Bama's Next Coach
  29. Bowl Game gifts
  30. Orange Bowl rep with Kentucky putdown!
  31. The SEC's Worst QB this season...
  32. The Las Vegas Bowl: BYU vs Oregon
  33. Saban: "I'm not going to Alabama."
  34. BIG 2 ranking.....
  35. Real men of Genius
  36. What will uat do now...
  37. Courier Journal article on the UK ticket giveaway..
  38. UGA frosh suspended for bowl game
  39. Tennessee's 'Inky' Johnson has surgery at Mayo Clinic
  40. Thorpe Award winner briefly hospitalized
  41. My introductory manifesto
  42. Kentucky hoops team plans to boycott game
  43. Ole Miss gains a yard.
  44. Reggie Nelson's Mom Passes Away
  45. Who has the hardest annual schedule in the SEC?
  46. Top 50 devastating hits
  47. LSU vs Michigan in ESPN fantasy BCS tourny
  48. We're the internet champs!!!
  49. OT- nice Christmas touch
  50. Whoa!!!
  51. Your team's greatest victory that you have seen?
  52. Forbes' Most Valuable Football Programs
  53. Liberty Bowl: Take the SEC team
  54. Anyone got ideas on how to get past UK/UL Compliance????
  55. Colt Brennan sets record.
  56. Merry Christmas!
  57. LSU vs. Notre Dame - Through the Ages
  58. ND QB: "I get tired of hearing how bad we are"
  59. Don Shula: "(Alabama) is bad."
  60. 2 OSU RB's may not play against Gators?
  61. We have a lot of members in service of our country here.
  62. OK its crow time for the LSU doubters
  63. Hey! These kids can play
  64. Capital One Bowl Week kicks off tonite!
  65. Gators dedicate NC game to a special person!
  66. Very Sad Anniversary
  67. Article on the Callaway Hire.
  68. Next great coach @ Bama???
  69. UCLA-Florida State bowl opinion question
  70. Gator Bowl opinion question
  71. Ohio State in trouble with NCAA???
  72. Preseason Bowl Predictions vs the Reality
  73. McFadden special on the field and off.
  74. Alabama Coaching Job question
  75. Dawg fans... Who is going to the Dome on Saturday?
  76. Noles beating the Bruins lets you know....
  77. Clemson Safety wishes he had gone to Tennessee
  78. Infectious coach, six-week break will help Bama win
  79. an VeBrian Vernellis: Cowboys' routine carries them to win
  80. Cowboys, Crimson Tide ready for I-Bowl today
  81. Ken Darby looking to score...
  82. Headed out to Nasvhille..
  83. ESPN ranks states for football...
  84. Gators ready for Troy Smith and Buckeyes.
  85. Jeff Bowden to look for a job in the Pac-10
  86. Not much has changed for Bammer!
  87. Alabama should have stayed in Tuscaloosa!
  88. Holiday Bowl opinion Question
  89. How do Y'all see the Music City Bowl going?
  90. Gamecocks Presented With SEC Honors At Liberty Bowl Awards Luncheon
  91. Lol @ Texas Bowl being on the NFL Network.
  92. NFL Mock Draft - 1st Round
  93. Corso: "Percy Harvin is the Reggie Bush of the South."
  94. Check out Kines in this report...
  95. Bowl payouts...
  96. Music City Bowl : Clemson vs Kentucky Game Thread
  97. McKissick Named Coach of the Year
  98. Kentucky beats Clemson in Music City Bowl
  99. OMG, what a game. 28-27UH over SC at the half
  100. Good wins Cats and Cocks
  101. Great job UK and SC
  102. Damian Williams transfers to SoCal
  103. Hey Kentucky
  104. Rumors
  105. Recruiting news
  106. Alabama should hire Joe Kines
  107. Bob Griese is a moron
  108. Dumb game announcers....
  109. Texas Tech vs Minnesota
  110. Auburn taking a page from the Charles Deas playbook in Cotton Bowl.
  111. Bowl Pickems So Far...
  112. Who says UK fans only support the Basketball Team?
  113. Kerwin Bell offered JU job
  114. Tenn WR Bret Smith ineligible for bowl game
  115. Just Back from Nashville...
  116. Iowa vs. UT
  117. Iowa taking it to Texas
  118. Omg!! This Is The Funniest Thing...
  119. Georgia vs. Virginia Tech game thread
  120. Anybody watch the Insight Bowl?
  121. Way to go Dawgs!
  122. Bowls are setting up nicely for SEC!
  123. Congrats Georgia fans on the great comeback in the Chick-Fil-a Bowl!
  124. LMAO@OxfordSeminole and those ACC spankers...
  125. Auburn fans.....Have you guys seen this pic?
  126. Miami Herald: Bama to offer Saban $40 million
  127. 2007 Georgia Bulldogs schedule question
  128. If you had one wish for your team..
  129. If you could choose your teams coach
  130. Did UGA do the Auburn-esque onside kick?
  131. MPC Computers Bowl: Miami vs Nevada Game Thread
  132. USC denies Bush sideline pass to Rose Bowl
  133. Miami/Nevada in the final seconds.
  134. Screw Florida...
  135. Won't be around tomarrow
  136. Outback Bowl opinion question
  137. How do Y'all think the Capital One Bowl will go?
  138. Bad Omen for the Outback Bowl!:-(
  139. GVF's National Championship game prediction
  140. An Alabama fan pulling for AU and UT simultaneously...
  141. Come on Vols!!!
  142. Capitol One Bowl Game Thread
  143. Go Georgia Tech beat West Virginia!
  144. Saban to Bama
  145. West Virginia is a soft overrated team.
  146. PSU's defense is very good but UT is letting me down here
  147. At least our coach can walk *vomit*
  148. Congrats Cotton Bowl Champs.
  149. Storm
  150. Already sick of it...
  151. Go USC!!
  152. I can't believe ABC and ESPN!
  153. GVF's Rose Bowl prediction
  154. ABC/ESPN beating drum for Michigan AP NC.
  155. Official USC/Michigan Game Thread!
  156. Auburn Fans..
  157. GVF'S Fiesta Bowl prediction
  158. top ten teams next year
  159. Which Coach will have a hotter hotseat in the offseason?
  160. BOOMER SOONER,Go Oklahoma Sooners!!!!
  161. New Fox Coverage
  162. Things that could catch a TD vs. Michigan's Secondary..
  163. And the winner of the 2006....
  164. Boise State's Chris Petersen = Urban Meyer?
  165. That Boise State win was the best game of the year!
  166. why dont yall like Texas
  167. If Florida beats the yankees.....
  168. something funny
  169. For those who support the playoff.
  170. ESPN has no shame...
  171. Florida Gators: 5-3 against Big 10....
  172. The Play, Boise State's 2-Point Conversion
  173. B'ham news reporting Saban to Bama
  174. And here I was thinking I was just drunk...
  175. Latest from (Saban)
  176. Wake Forest/Notre Dame
  177. Signs That You're A Die Hard College Football Fan
  178. GVF's premature 2007 SEC football predictions
  179. GVF's Premature ACC predictions
  180. pretty funny
  181. Best Play of the Rose Bowl
  182. Suger Bowl Problems
  183. ESPN Breaking News!!!!
  184. Saban becoming like Larry Brown?
  185. Who are the officials?
  186. Saban is Bama's Head Coach
  187. How many minutes until Richt's agent is knocking on Damon's door?
  188. Bama fans poll
  189. Will Fisher Be Saban's First Hire?
  190. BAMA FANS are you ready?
  191. Saban and Spurrier = NFL quitters?
  192. ??eseneca?? SABAN?
  193. Arkansas receiver transfers to USC!
  194. Be careful what you wish for Bama fans...
  195. Dolphin's Owner Wayne Huizenga on Saban Leaving
  196. Petrino to Dolphins
  197. Carr takes a shot at Florida president
  198. GVF's Sugar Bowl prediction
  199. GVF's National Champion of the past
  200. SO,nobody wants to be Alabamas football coach!
  201. GVF's SEC and Southern team of the past
  202. GVF's terrible Southern Team of the past
  203. Nick Saban to star in movie remake...
  204. Saban sabotage LSU?
  205. Saban getting ripped on......
  206. CB Avery Atkins will return to Florida.
  207. Sabannochio.....
  208. SEC Coaches...
  209. Help Wanted: Secret Service Protection Needed
  210. So How Do You See Iron Bowls Going With Saban
  211. With all the Saban talk lets not forget
  212. Is Nick Saban worth $4 million annually?
  213. Unbelieveable
  214. LSU/ND Game thread
  215. More News on Saban's Staff
  216. Small, but interesting tidbit for the MNC.
  217. Congrats LSU Sugar Bowl Champs!
  218. Congrats Notre Dame
  219. Name a coach...
  220. Biggest guaranteed contract in CFB history and no buy out?
  221. Congratulations LSU fans
  222. 7 SEC head coaches have won a BCS game
  223. It's War
  224. Saban to Falcons?
  225. Worst bowl names ever!
  226. The bowl system messed up...
  227. Blackmon will be Back
  228. Its Official With Steele
  229. Why Jimbo Fisher will Leave LSU
  230. hilarious line on Cowherd this morning
  231. Congrats LSU on the big win over Notre Dame!!!!
  232. GVF's SEC and Southern Team of the Day
  233. GVF's National Champion of the Day
  234. Bama's actions to lead to a congressional inquiry?
  235. GVF's Terrible Southern Football team of the Day
  236. Question for SEC Fanatic Posters
  237. Scout's Inc. : Florida vs, Ohio State
  238. Mississippi State RB arrested
  239. Another discussion forum
  240. 1 year ago this very day....
  241. Go Sun Devils!!
  242. Robert Meachem reported as leaving for the NFL
  243. Thought you guys might enjoy this.
  244. Why the Irish had no chance last night
  245. Got back from the Sugar Bowl today...
  246. top ten college football home field advantages, acoording to
  247. Meacham declaring for draft
  248. Spurrier Defends Saban
  249. Assuming JR declares...should LSU turn to Flynn or The Chosen One?
  250. In 5 years, what will the Miles vs Saban record be?