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  1. Y'all wanted to know about the Euro.
  2. Goldman: Still Greedy, No Longer Patient.
  3. Our efficient healthcare system(check it out aufan).
  4. In Defense of Arizona
  5. People are you all so Damned Jaded that you think America has gone to hell?
  6. The Big Alienation
  7. GOP and healthcare
  8. Are you an Arizona Diamondback baseball fan?
  9. Boehner thinking big on mid-terms
  10. If this is true, it's a bad law
  11. Planning a gulf coast vacation?
  12. Probable Cause
  13. Ever wonder how well the government will handle your Health Care?
  14. Obama admits he's not American
  15. Hutaree members released.
  16. WOW, welcome to the world of Obamacare
  17. Looks like the Time Square Car Bomb may have foreign connections
  18. Federal Government Outpaces Private Sector in Job Creation
  19. The Kent State Massacre
  20. The Borders We Deserve
  21. Red families vs. Blue Families
  22. Thank you Michael Bloomberg for showing us your true political colors. Way to go!
  23. So I bought some PEANUTS today and on the back...
  24. Why dinosaurs are extinct...
  25. We’re mastering the oil slick, says BP chief facing flood of lawsuits
  26. Is There a Pattern Here or What?
  27. Where are you Cindy Sheehan?
  28. Which do you waste the most, Gas, Water, Electricity, or Gasoline?
  29. Ever use a copy machine for important stuff?
  30. Religious freedom continues to decline around the world
  31. AMERICAN students sent home for wearing red/white/blue on Cinco de Mayo
  32. Thank you, soliders
  33. Navy Seal McCabe found not guilty
  34. Hey, JSHD
  35. If you're not breaking the law, you have nothing to worry about?
  36. How Media Coverage Crimped The Times Square Case
  37. Truth to Power: Who is lying here?
  38. Soldier-Citizens To The Rescue?
  39. The Hyphen
  40. Voice of America: Carrying Water for the Mullahs?
  41. Side-Effect from ObamaCare already Taking Place
  42. Mosque to be Built Near 9/11 Towers
  43. Audit the Federal Reserve
  44. Russian release pirates, or did they?
  45. Let's Talk Bloomberg for a sec.
  46. Starving the beast.
  47. Why Should American Taxpayers Bail Out Greece?
  48. Time for a Racially-biased Field Trip!!!!
  49. Black Republican Resurgence
  50. "A series of failures"
  51. Too big to fail lives on.
  52. Why the debt Obama?
  53. Death of Brown/Kaufman a Huge Blow(too big to fail amendment).
  54. Steve Bridges does Obama
  55. No one in Arizona is laughing..........
  56. Eyewitness Accounts of the Deepwater Horizon
  57. Stimulus Funds Run Out
  58. I hate liberals
  59. Would you pay $.21/kwh?
  60. how to clean up the oil spill.
  61. The Money Pit
  62. Anti military is code for gay bashing: Kagan version
  63. One World Trade Center up to 26 stories
  64. The Washington Post Talks Sense on Detention and Interrogation
  65. I can't wait to see how this is explained.
  66. Remember this A-hole?
  67. Trickle-Down Misery in L.A.
  68. Israel---The Welfare State
  69. Moses: Too Liberal For The Supreme Court?
  70. The Failure of the Unfree Market
  71. The $75 million cap
  72. Obama to blame for the oil spill....
  73. Federal Deficit for April 4 times larger than April 2009
  74. Kagan Argued for Government 'Redistribution of Speech'
  75. Women should stick to making sandwhiches
  76. Reason red states underperform: black people
  77. NZ PM calls local tribe Cannibals
  78. Lawyers feed off the misery of humanity
  79. New Book on Daniel Patrick Moynihan (Great Liberal)
  80. Sex & Drugs & the Spill
  81. Eric Holder
  82. Arizona protest?
  83. Richard Land, SBC big shot on immigration.
  84. On the Tea Party
  85. How to answer a loaded question from a liberal MSM
  86. Finger-pointer in chief decrys all the......finger-pointing
  87. So Glen Beck thinks Obama and the Democrats are Nazis?
  88. The drug war in Juarez, Mexico.
  89. China gives death to attacker of children
  90. Have you seen enough dumb, dishonest political ads this season?
  91. What do y'all think about American exceptionalism?
  92. Book thread
  93. The Media's Primary Double Standard
  94. "Let It Burn"---American Thinker Article
  95. Jobs, the lagging indicator :)
  96. Trey Grayson Gets Desperate......
  97. Auntie Will Not Be Deported (as of now)
  98. I love Lawyers
  99. Is perjury really that serious a crime
  100. Alabama Means Business!
  101. Atlantic triangular trade
  102. So they are all paying back the bail out money right....
  103. I love everybody
  104. Gordon Brown----New Head of IMF (LOL)
  105. How much does FOX hate the Bush administration?
  106. Desert cross removal a sign of growing intolerance?
  107. Is JSHD really Woody Allen?
  108. Question about unemployment
  109. Who Needs Freedom of Speech?
  110. Life without parole for juveniles is cruel and unusual punishment
  111. Looks like Napolitano has the Holder syndrome
  112. Massive Victory for Tea Partiers in Kentucky
  113. Democrats have twice as many turn out as the GOP in Arkansas.
  114. Gonna be MIA.....
  115. Challenging the symetry of matter. Hey, aufan!
  116. Military spending
  117. Drug cartels aid terrorists in illegal crossing of U.S. border with Mexico
  118. Could LA boycott of Arizona draw retaliation?
  119. Good newsweek article on drug research
  120. Congress Set to Silence Bloggers?
  121. Pelosi: Musicians Can Quit Their Jobs
  122. Rand Paul quoted Rush(the rock band not Limbaugh) in his victory speech.
  123. A Good Thing We Invaded Iraq....
  124. Record growth among entrepreneurs in US.
  125. Heavy oil hits Louisiana's marshes
  126. Sgt. Joe Friday and Officer Bill Gannon...
  127. Balance the budget - your turn
  128. First effects of ObamaCare?
  129. Tea party candidate Scott Brown votes with democrats...... again
  130. Allow Organ Sales?
  131. Come to the USA..........
  132. This Gerald Celente Dude......
  133. Obamatreason
  134. Rand Paul can't keep his foot out of his mouth.
  135. South Carolinians....Tell me about N. Haley.
  136. The fruits of weakness
  137. Genome from a Bottle.
  138. USA falls in competitiveness
  139. Base in Afghanistan not the same as base in Cuba
  140. The House Divided
  141. Use of Deadly Force versus the Death Penalty.
  142. Affairs
  143. Interesting report in illegals
  144. black helicopter alert
  145. Big oil and finance latest attempt to buy Congress.
  146. Anger at White House over oil spill role
  147. USC90, it begins again: Line item veto
  148. Meth, Porn and Offshore drilling oversight
  149. Another Orwellian Bill in the Works.....
  150. Could you pass the U.S. citzenship test?
  151. BP oil spill actually caused by act of terrorism?
  152. Mychal Bell of Jena 6 fame...
  153. Non-Political Horzon Spill Thread
  154. The Road To Economic Serfdom
  155. Regulation vs. Structural Change
  156. The best article I have seen on why the financial reform bill is flawed.
  157. White House offered Sestak a job?
  158. CBO reports on the affects of the stimulus
  159. Could care less/couldn't care less
  160. surge in "isolated incidents"
  161. purity test continues
  162. Suppressed footage of Obama's appeasement tour
  163. Back to Arizona
  164. Coburn one of few willing to actually lead....
  165. Take that CAIR, free speech wins.
  166. Jobless rate dips in St. Mary Parish
  167. Congrats to Obama
  168. He Was Supposed to Be Competent
  169. Obama hasn't returned call of lawmaker representing district of rig
  170. Honor our veterans.........
  171. In Defense of Libertarianism; An open letter to left-liberals
  172. Leave it to Californians.......
  173. Don't ask, Don't tell
  174. Feds announce 6 month drilling hiatus...
  175. Let's talk New World Order....
  176. happy memorial day glenn beck
  177. Garland Robinette's Open Letter to OBama
  178. The Boys of Iwo Jima
  179. Overgrown Government
  180. Happy Birthday Dawg in Dallas
  181. Fannie and Freddie? Nope, Wells Fargo.
  182. Israel: Enough is Enough
  183. Canade to Reassess its Healthcare
  184. Todd Palin for border czar!
  185. How much is gas in your area?
  186. If you want to "remain silent"
  187. Hilarious piece on financial reform.
  188. BP has lost $75 billion in value.
  189. Global warming marriage cooling?
  190. Progressive columnists turning on Obama...
  191. Bill Maher Shows True Colours (Pun Intended)
  192. Nat Halloway Suspected Killer
  193. Griffith, Davis rejected in Alabama
  194. About 2,300 running for Congress, most in decades
  195. WoW Obama is getting hammered by the press...
  196. Cry “Lawsuit!” and Let Slip the Progs that Wh**e!
  197. Strange Bedfellows
  198. Anti-Israel sharks sniff O's weakness
  199. Mexico opens California office to provide ID for illegals
  200. Joran Van Dersloot serial killer?
  201. JSHD, I need a chart. (US debt hits #13 Trillion)
  202. 83 year old man kills an armed intruder, may face charges
  203. Liberal ACLU outing CIA agents?
  204. Rush asks Rand Paul not to use their music or their lyrics in his campaign.
  205. Where are the jobs?
  206. Another good politician from South Carolina.
  207. Ladies and Gentlemen.....Helen Thomas
  208. Visualizing the oil spill
  209. Is it time for Rahm Emmanuel to resign?
  210. Obama’s culture of corruption: See, I told you so
  211. Hey, the economy still sucks, so it's time for more stimulus...
  212. Why the financial reform bill fails.
  213. Fiscal Fraud Of ObamaCare Snowballing
  214. Foreign Law and our Constitution
  215. JSHD you got a chart for this?
  216. Pols turn on labor unions
  217. Political correctness strikes again....
  218. Helen Thomas retires.
  219. Breaking News: Joran Van der Sloot confesses to Peru girl's murder
  220. Housing for only those that can afford it...novel idea...
  221. Obama won't raise taxes?
  222. Leftists Flunk Economics Quiz
  223. A second oil spill?
  224. 157 year old woman
  225. Dumbass Schwarzenegger can't figure out voting machine
  226. Teens Face Worst Summer Job Market in 41 Years
  227. Incumbents survive voter wrath.
  228. Unbiased news reporting for Reuters...yeah right..
  229. Is this Constitutional?
  230. Deficit Commission Seeks Increase in Its Budget
  231. Keeping Politics Safe for the Rich.
  232. Attended my first Military funeral yesterday...
  233. Liberal Protestor Commits Hate Crime on Tea Partier
  234. Mitch Daniels Preaching the Gospel
  235. Size of oil spill estimate dramatically increased
  236. What socialism?
  237. You can't do without oil
  238. The War on Drugs Works!!!!
  239. Florida gets all the pain
  240. That’s one small step for budget control
  241. Afghanistan - the Saudi Arabia of lithium
  242. Dem congressman from NC assaults student on Washington sidewalk
  243. Gene Simmons' military tribute
  244. Poll: Democrats too liberal
  245. One Man, SIX votes...
  246. Special Shoutout to Herchel
  247. International agression is now a crime
  248. Now this is taking the initiative.
  249. China increases its trade surplus
  250. MSNBC Trashes Obama's Address: Compared To Carter, "I Don't Sense Executive Command"