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  1. Why we needed health care reform.
  2. The curious triumph of Romney Care.
  3. I'm fat... but am I unhealthy?
  4. How much of hospital write offs are real to begin with.
  5. Stupak Has to be the dumbest Mofo ever....lmfao
  6. Another socialist aspect of the healthcare bill.
  7. Poll: American opinion turns in favor of the new health care law
  8. Bill Gates finally doing something useful with his money
  9. Decent guide to Medicare
  10. Put the legislation together to control the people
  11. Dem Senators say they will allow Viagara for Sex Offenders
  12. 2010 White House Easter Egg Roll, Catholics and Dogs not welcome
  13. Doh, now what for the 2010 elections
  14. Repeal the 17th Amendment?
  15. ObamaCare's attempt at driving business out of providing health insurance
  16. Military tightens rules on gay discharges
  17. GOP votes to support "Cornhusker kickback" "Louisiana Purchase" etc.
  18. We have a Welfare Clause?
  19. Speak out against the GOP and your conservative think tank might fire you
  20. Going to Extreme.
  21. Castro praises Democrats on ObamaCare
  22. A typical Tea Party member?
  23. Look at the first page.
  24. WW III in progres....
  25. Clyburn calls opposition terrorism.
  26. Nuke deal with Russians
  27. CBO report: Debt will rise to 90% of GDP
  28. WWII US divebomber found crashed in Oregon forest.
  29. Fed changing what you owe on your house...
  30. Family attacked over Obama bumper sticker.
  31. AT&T to Book $1 Billion Cost on Health-Care Reform
  32. Secession in the 21st Century
  33. Tea party more respected than congress.
  34. You think the NY Times will criticize Obama's recess appointments?
  35. Colbert vs. O'Reily
  36. Terrorist Attack in Moscow
  37. For Piz & article on politics and race
  38. A sign of things to come?
  39. Nostradamus wrote quatrains about Obama HealthCare & other Rep. Doom & Gloom Senarios
  40. If you're a Republican...
  41. HPV also linked to head and neck cancers
  42. Rallies point out the stark Right/Left Divide in pictures
  43. Constitutional law instructor reads Obamacare
  44. An open letter to Sean Penn
  45. Obama surrenders to France.
  46. With No Jobs, Plenty of Time for Tea Party.
  47. How Much Does The National Debt Matter?
  48. So does "errosion of public confidence"....
  49. For all you mush head students.
  50. Shouldn't we be encourageing people to go OTC?
  51. Public Companies Draw Congressional Ire
  52. An interesting analysis...
  53. The Most Hated Family in America
  54. Obama to allow oil drilling off Virginia coast
  55. Cash for Appliances
  56. RNC getting hammered for "dirty sexy money"
  57. When Jason met Al
  58. LOL @ Kay Bailey Hutchinson
  59. New film has Japan vets confessing to Nanjing rape
  60. Guam is Set to Capsize?
  61. Obama admits AIDS is a US Govt. creation to wipe out blacks and gays.
  62. Artic sea ice grows back to 'normal' for first time since 2001
  63. DLC promoting violence like Palin
  64. Geithner blames everyone except ruling Dems for high jobless rate
  65. Vatican Scientists to Clone Jesus using Shroud of Turin
  66. Libertarians get rare court victory
  67. Poll: More blame Obama for poor economy, unemployment
  68. Climate change, happening before your eyes
  69. Some right-wingers ignore facts as they rewrite U.S. history.
  70. Thank this idiot for helping health care pass
  71. Swampy - You would love this...
  72. Unemployment still at 9.7%
  73. Obamacare was mainly aimed at redistributing wealth
  74. Good Friday and Happy Easter.........
  75. President calls for end to partisan vitriol.
  76. Growth of Unpaid Internships May Be Illegal, Officials Say.
  77. Low taxes, big problems.
  78. The Cleanest Race: How North Koreans see themselves.
  79. Disgruntled Democrats join the Tea Party
  80. financial account manager/brokers are the scum of the earth
  81. South Leads in Church Attendance
  82. Attention Tea Party: Yet another grave injustice.
  83. GOPers to Steele: No more dildo club visits.
  84. Evolution of Life in 60 seconds
  85. Tea Partiers Are Fairly Mainstream in Their Demographics
  86. Side Effects: Obamacare Fueling Higher Insurance Costs
  87. Chris Matthews is a joke
  88. Health insurance coverage, yours vs. Congress
  89. Steele playing the race card
  90. New Obama nuclear policy
  91. LMAO.......Olbermann's guest host........
  92. McCain finds conservatism, now shuns "maverick" image
  93. Was Reagan wrong?
  94. Texas Watchdog: Solar power will take decades to return investment, if ever.
  95. Heritage lists countries by economic freedom
  96. Pictures of pollution in China
  97. Coburn commits political suicde, acts like decent person
  98. The broken senate
  99. Wikileaks video of Apache helicopter firing into crowd
  100. Looking at the profit margin of these companies
  101. Racism in America
  102. Kim Jung Il Sets World Fashion Trend?
  103. Muhammad Yunus Talks about America
  104. Administration targets US citizen
  105. Toddler killed in St. Tammany
  106. Ladies and Gentlemen, "Return of the King"
  107. Georgia congressman
  108. China offers train technology to California
  109. Tea Party blames Obama for todays near miss by asteroid.
  110. Goldman Sachs Call for More Regulation
  111. A Crackdown on Unpaid Internships
  112. Why cant we have a Confederate History day/month?
  113. "Crash Tax" for calling 911....
  114. The doctor pay cut
  115. SEIU Starting Third Party In North Carolina
  116. The Plight of Non-movement Conservatives
  117. Do we still trust his judgment?
  118. Foreign Aid Works.........
  119. Newt in 2012?
  120. Where have all the DOW threads gone?
  121. Stevens retiring
  122. Question on freedom of religion
  123. Best show on American healthcare.
  124. Preacher convicted of killing wife, freezing body
  125. Theoretical: Why would I NOT pay the health insurance fine?
  126. Wikileaks video of Apache helicopter firing into Westboro Baptist Church crowd.
  127. Condolances to the Polish People
  128. Collapsed mine cited for 50 major violations last year.
  129. Lieberman: Omitting References to 'Islamic' Terrorism Is Dishonest, 'Offensive'
  130. Im so sick of people calling for donations
  131. Pitbull eats baby's testicles...
  132. Capitalism works!
  133. What's the matter with Georgia?
  134. The Obama's are no longer lawyers?
  135. How do you order your seafood dinner?
  136. "Birther" alert, "birther" alert...
  137. Obama at the Bat
  138. Income falls 3.2% during Obama's term
  139. Tax Freedom Day 2010
  140. Healthcare overhaul won't stop premium increases
  141. Obama's Phony Deficit Numbers
  142. New Orleans Murder Rate skyrocketing.
  143. Obowma...please grow a pair
  144. Change of View
  145. Should automatic transmissions be banned?
  146. Christian Terrorism on the rise.
  147. “Reaganism with … a Jersey edge”
  148. Neil Armstrong says Obama hurting space effort. True?
  149. Nuke blast victims would have to wait according to government plans.
  150. Wasn't Bush castigated for saying the same thing?
  151. Even France gets it.
  152. I found your dream girl RB.
  153. Obama's DOJ wants to read email without warrants
  154. Please list your favorite ideological political book.
  155. Cap and trade?
  156. What have we learned in 2065 years?
  157. Russia bans adoption by Americans
  158. No One Is Safe from Higher Taxes
  159. Democrats search for liberal activists to crash Tea Parties with racist/fringe signs.
  160. Rick & Bubba on the Tea Party movement
  161. In the market for a car? Steer clear of these
  162. Obama slaps Conservative Christian Values in the Face.
  163. Former LA Police Chief Daryl Gates Dies
  164. The Nanny State and it's victims.
  165. Rick Santelli was right
  166. The other SEC sues Goldman Sachs
  167. Hillary on unAmericanism
  168. Black Tea Partier refutes racism charge
  169. Goldman Sachs: Has The SEC Finally Grown a Pair Under Mary Schapiro?
  170. Have Republicans Been Out-Foxed?
  171. Where is the change in foreign policy?
  172. Gates Says U.S. Lacks Policy to Curb Iran’s Nuclear Drive
  173. How the left conducts a counter protest....
  174. Iranian ayatollah: Hot women cause earthquakes
  175. and the day was....
  176. Few trust the government, poll finds
  177. Have you ever killed anyone?
  178. Obama-Dodd financial bill would further enrich Goldman Sachs
  179. Health insurance
  180. Government spending
  181. 'Tea partiers' more wacky mavericks than extremist threat
  182. When Will China Take Siberia from Russia?
  183. Coming Soon....the VAT
  184. Phil Mickelson
  185. What will you do for Earth Day?
  186. Oil Rig Explosion in the Gulf
  187. homoesexual is the new communism
  188. EC is gonna love this one: EU declares that vacations are a human right.
  189. News from GM
  190. EC's not gonna love this one
  191. Racist Obama hecklers?
  192. Anybody in the Medical Industry
  193. Question: Why is a Public University Donating
  194. Florida dramatically expands its school voucher program
  195. Mysterious X-37B unmanned space shuttle set to be launched by U.S. tonight
  196. Arizona’s Embarrassing GOP
  197. Worst governors in America
  198. Ft. Hood muslim jihadist killer.....
  199. I can't beleive that someone would think that this is a good idea!
  200. More of your government at work
  201. Americans find something to unite over: south park
  202. How America became a 'secular-socialist machine'
  203. Health law’s heavy impact
  204. A question for black Republicans:Should DC be represented in Congress?
  205. Tea Party the new front in 'war on terror'
  206. Number of tornadoes, hail, and wind reports YTD at decade low...
  207. Pic from a leftist protest......
  208. Neal Boortz: Plain speaking about the FairTax
  209. Bad Predictions
  210. New Health Care Law Increases Income Redistribution from Top Earners
  211. John S. McCain, Will You Please Go Now?
  212. Are you one of the ten percent?
  213. Anyone see How the States got their Shapes
  214. Dick Morris: Bill Clinton Personally Orchestrated the 1993 Waco, Texas Tragedy
  215. Cartoon of the Day
  216. Leftist newspapers continue circulation decline
  217. Happy Confederate Memorial Day
  218. Economists: The stimulus didn't help
  219. Treason?
  220. Could this really happen?
  221. Welfare
  222. Computer model used to determine atmospheric conditions was innacurate
  223. San Francisco is a Joke
  224. Henry Waxman-Blowhard
  225. The Unemployment Map
  226. Has Noah's Ark Been Found on Turkish Mountaintop?
  227. Thing that make you think....
  228. HHS Review of Health Care costs delayed so as to "not influence the vote"
  229. NJ HS Students Protest Budget Cuts
  230. Purity purge continues
  231. Why was Prop 187 Struck Down?
  232. Entitlements Will Consume All Tax Revenue by 2050
  233. Afganistan Update...
  234. Another European country downgraded- This time it's Spain
  235. Gordon Brown has been caught on microphone calling a voter a "bigot". Read more: htt
  236. Former First Lady Bush to release memoirs
  237. Ancient Tools Revealed by Melting Arctic Ice
  238. Dawg in Dallas: Your wishes may be granted.
  239. Cut Puerto Rico lose? Yay or Nay?
  240. How Mexico treats illegal aliens
  241. Brilliant liberals leading boycott of Iced Tea
  242. The Financial Crisis as Crime Story.
  243. 4 SEC cities among the top 25 worst in Ozone Pollution
  244. Do PETA members wear leather shoes?
  245. Women With Suntans Will Be Arrested, Iran Police Chief Warns
  246. Suprisingly American's #1 loyalty is to...
  247. Oil spill cleanup
  248. I'm 63 and Im Tired
  249. Any fans of
  250. Obama has subverted the Constitution