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  1. I missed this late last summer.......
  2. Correlative medical research
  3. Reagan
  4. Cafeteria at NBC celebrates Black History Month
  5. Obama administration sets Food Stamp record
  6. Palin paid $100,000 to speak at Tea Party.
  7. GOP Senate declines to debate Obama.
  8. School bombing exposes Obama’s secret war inside Pakistan
  9. RFK, Jr. 15 months ago: Global warming means no snow or cold in DC
  10. Landrieu elected Mayor
  11. G7 pledges to wipe out Haiti's debt
  12. Extinction of native languages
  13. Since waterboarding is not torture
  14. John Murtha has died.
  15. What is wrong with a service based economy?
  16. PC in Mass Transit
  17. This is funny......
  18. Forget the Mortgage, I'm Paying My Credit Card Bill
  19. Gallup: Obama job approval on the issues
  20. College Athletes Likenesses Case
  21. Legal question regarding snow removal
  22. Charting Our Way to Solvency
  23. List Obama's Accomplishments
  24. Republicans may opt out of Obama's health-care summit.
  25. New exercise video
  26. PROMISES, PROMISES: Jobs bill won't add many jobs
  27. Why do our insurance costs keep skyrocketing?
  28. Clueless
  29. What should be done with clowns such as this?
  30. USC can you explain this to me? It might as well be quantum phyisics
  31. Doctor Keeps It Real.
  32. Good Luck in Afghanistan
  33. MSNBC can do better for a global warming expert
  34. Hope and Change: Raising taxes on the middle class
  35. Bipartisan nuclear?
  36. 51 percent of Americans view Democrats unfavorably..
  37. Next tech race: Industrial Scale Fusion
  38. Global Warming 2010: Snow in all 50 states?
  39. A little enjoyment for all of the pizzed-off lib Dems.......
  40. Airport terrorist problem solved?
  41. First Winter Olympics death....
  42. Dogs Just Know
  43. "Hey, Let's Get Rid of the Filibuster!"
  44. It's a trap.
  45. Misspeak?
  46. Five surgeons discussing the best patients.....
  47. Freefall: Joseph Stiglitz on the financial crisis and recession.
  48. China may moderate capital punishment
  49. Underwear bomber was justified
  50. Hockey stick theory dead.....
  51. How Congressional Black Caucus got around McCain-Feingold
  52. World may not be warming, say scientists
  53. Poor guy. How will I ever sleep tonight?
  54. Democrats + Public Sector Unions = Bankruptcy
  55. Oopsrah Winfrey
  56. 6 percent think Porkulus has created jobs
  57. Union Busting at it's best.
  58. Saudi official says new sanction not enough on Iran. Immediate resolution needed.
  59. Wow. It must be really cold up there
  60. Cholesterol is good for you.
  61. Alabama professor was "far left political extremist obsessed with Obama"
  62. I don't get it
  63. When is it satire
  64. What do you do when you can't get Legislation passes...
  65. lmao
  66. WTF, is up in Canada
  67. Would you favor a State supported Health Care?
  68. DID's partied like it was 2001 last Friday
  69. 80% of Americans oppose Citizens United ruling
  70. The case for an Israeli strike against Iran
  71. Stimulus Results: Jobless Claims, Inflation Jump as Economy Wobbles
  72. Dramatic Olberman vs Dramatic Chimpmunk
  73. Governor Christie of New Jersey Doing What's Necessary
  74. The Taliban is the future in Afghanistan
  75. Let's talk about Bill Maher
  76. Fire safe cigarettes
  77. "The tea party doesn't have a leader"
  78. Dems try to get Sestak out of PA senate race
  79. Obama contributes 1.5 billion to Reid's re-election campaign
  80. Obama is finally creating jobs....
  81. Family Guy Voice Actress Says Palin "Has No Sense Of Humor"
  82. ACORN's best friend.........
  83. Bush lawyers cleared
  84. Best conservative speach I've heard...
  85. Obama, Dems putting finger on the nuclear option button
  86. Marco Rubio....Conservative star in the making
  87. It takes a pillage:A Wall Street insiders take on the financial crisis.
  88. The airline industry
  89. The Global Pool of Money(how the financial crisis occurred).
  90. Holder admits 9 DOJ officials worked for terrorist detainees
  91. The New Poor: Millions of Unemployed Face Years Without Jobs
  92. Number who “strongly approve” of Obama at new low
  93. Homeland chief: Domestic extremism is top concern
  94. Merely touting the company line?
  95. I'm so sick of Toyota and their apologetic commercials
  96. Bill Nye vs. Joe Bastardi
  97. McCain: I was misled on bailouts
  98. Obama's ‘New’ Health Care Plan Would Use Tax Dollars to Pay for Abortions
  99. How to handle a liberal smear merchant when getting the chance
  100. Who agrees?
  101. Brown (and 4 other pubs) critical to passage of jobs bill
  102. O'Reilly get a dictionary
  103. Fred Flintsone, Texas Ranger
  104. Third world food aid
  105. Toyota Hypocrisy...
  106. Minority Democrats including Obama discuss reconciliation in 2005
  107. New home sales fall to all-time record low
  108. Matt Taibbi on the bubble economy of the 00s.
  109. Obama can't follow his own rules....
  110. Obama Outsources 'Torture' to Pakistan
  111. American Empire Continues to Grow.....
  112. Son of Hamas Founder Helps Israel Fight Terrorism
  113. Democrat corruption takes center stage......
  114. Paul Ryan to Obama: You realize your bill is a fiscal disaster, right?
  115. The 'Stimulus' Actually Raised Unemployment
  116. Patriot Act renewal passes House
  117. Medicare Part D 'doughnut hole' elimination
  118. Democrat theme for 2010 midterms.......
  119. Jihad against the Swiss
  120. Tilikum spotted earlier at Tea Party rally per CNN.......
  121. Liberalism, atheism, male sexual exclusivity linked to IQ
  122. Was there a tax rebate that I had forgotten?
  123. NY Times getting pessimistic about reconciliation
  124. Leftwing Germany dominates rightwing USA in medal count....
  125. Obama, Dems bring out their "ace in the hole"
  126. Let's not let facts get in the way of my agenda.....
  127. Spray on glass...
  128. What was that you just said?
  129. We argued for days....
  130. University of Georgia Must Sees
  131. Obama should pay higher medical insurance premiums
  132. Solar panels to become very affordable in Texas
  133. GOP successful opposition coming to fruition
  134. Truth in advertising . . . or not.
  135. Mainstream news journalism continues it's steady demise
  136. Micro-chipping Criminals?
  137. So, Texans. How goes your primary?
  138. Georgia unemployment at record high in January
  139. Government Snow Plow
  140. US vets return to Iwo Jima for 65th anniversary
  141. Who are the Al Qaeda 7 ?
  142. West Memphis 3
  143. Abuse of Power
  144. Another health care success story being ignored in Washington
  145. More government healthcare will get you more of this
  146. Cities making profit from shortening yellow light times
  147. White sorority has to share STEP title...
  148. Wet/Dry/Moist Counties or Cities...
  149. PBS host Smiley calls meeting to urge black agenda
  150. Lying then or lying now?
  151. Coleman wants to sue Gore
  152. Time to Annex Haiti?
  153. Not all Healthcare Has Gotten More Expensive
  154. LaRouche Believer Wins Texas Dem Congressional Primary
  155. Is Hayworth ad mocking McCain offensive?
  156. Paring down Medicare
  157. Daily Bread.
  158. Federal pay ahead of private industry
  159. A Terrorist attack at the Pentagon
  160. Bar joke.........
  161. ACORN cleared?
  162. So how many folks does it take to discuss the climate...
  163. Somebody Calls out the CPAC Crowd.
  164. Roethlisberger officially a suspect in Milledgeville sexual assault
  165. Ahmadinejad must die, we must kill him and his family
  166. An indication that the Swiss have too many lawyers
  167. You Might Be a Liberal.........
  168. You Might Ba a Conservative.....
  169. You Might Be a Libertarian.....
  170. Lessons of a $618,616 Death
  171. Pakistan arrests American-born al-Qaida operative Adam Gadahn...
  172. American Conservative:Who would want credit for Iraq?
  173. Penn: ObamaCare support woefully absent
  174. Portugal Has a Better Plan
  175. Stupid human trick of the day
  176. Dan Rather: Obama "couldn't sell watermelons....
  177. Rahm Emanuel, administration, resorting to banana republic tactics
  178. Democrat Poll says America less respected in the world under Obama
  179. Gore still hot on his doomsday rhetoric
  180. Are you a "slow change" conservative or a "movement" conservative?
  181. Canadian healthcare so bad
  182. Unprecedented use of parliamentary procedures
  183. Two Democrats on an escalator.
  184. Jihad Jane
  185. Don’t expect a hiring boom any time soon
  186. Mob tactics used in attempt to push ObamaCare through Congress
  187. Why Obama Can't Move the Health-Care Numbers
  188. Desperate Dems cling to human kiddie shield
  189. forever
  190. Roberts chastises Obama's childish SOTU antics
  191. Obama and the L-Word
  192. Another $6.3B Down The Drain
  193. China Farts and oil prices fall, America coughs and oil prices rise
  194. Pre-census mailings cost about $85 million.
  195. Question: What does the Dept.of Ed. need with 27 short barreled shotguns?
  196. GOP hopes town halls take health care off table
  197. Federal fishing ban?
  198. zoning laws - for em or against them?
  199. James Brown's body's not lying in the grave
  200. Patriot Act's where this is going
  201. Too often we lose sight of life's simple pleasures...
  202. New social studies curriculum
  203. The Last Kennedy?
  204. McCain deserves more than a sneer
  205. The latest edition of NEWSBUSTED..........
  206. Be thankful for . . .
  207. Obama's 2010 Budget Proposal
  208. Social Security to start cashing Uncle Sam's IOUs
  209. Justice's wife launches 'tea party' group
  210. Congressional Reform Act of 2010: I like it!
  211. Metro Atlanta foreclosures set new monthly record
  212. Joblessness creates long-term problems
  213. Restoring respect for America? Israeli envoy sees "historic crisis" with U.S.
  214. How many pills a day do you take, How much medicine do you take?
  215. Bulldog from hell
  216. Remember?
  217. IRS visits Sacramento carwash in pursuit of 4 cents
  218. This Is How To Run a Campaign In KY
  219. Obama's illusions of cost-control
  220. Gore: Every major weather event due to global warming
  221. Massive Earthquake strikes L.A. magnitude 4.4
  222. I'm Just a Bill
  223. Obama has invoked secrecy provision more than Dubya
  224. The Bush Legacy.
  225. All health advancments are brought to you by
  226. Unemployment in St. Mary Parish
  227. Norm Orstein on "parliamentary procedure" and the GOP
  228. Reconciliation and "deeming" a bill.....
  229. Obama's Cousin Denounces Health Bill
  230. Are you participating in the 2010 census?
  231. Heaviest element known to science discovered
  232. Survey: One third of physicians will leave if ObamaCare implemented
  233. It's starting: Regional Walgreens say no new Medicaid
  234. The CBO scores the health bill
  235. Russia to Drill in America's Backyard
  236. Unless Obama is in a couple billion dollar NCAA bracket pool, I really dont care
  237. Had my chance to get out of WV today.....
  238. What's next after Healthcare Gets Passed this Sunday?
  239. Medicare fix would push health care into the red
  240. Final Healthcare bill, I think
  241. Teabaggers largely misinformed on taxes.
  242. Why Jim Cooper, D-Tennessee, voted yes on healthcare reform.
  243. End to Children's Pre-existing Conditions Exclusions
  244. Yes We Can
  245. Shades of Dan Quayle
  246. At least Obama sealed his fate as a one term president
  247. I Am Barack Obama. Give Me Rep Power.
  248. Average income tax refund rises
  249. It's the end of the world as we know it.
  250. Oh, really?