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  1. After less than a year, hopenchange is dead..........
  2. The consensus of Copenhagen.....
  3. "I Left My Bleeding Heart in San Francisco..." (Great Article)
  4. White majority to end around mid century in US
  5. Completely Reckless, Completely Irresponsible
  6. What’s the difference between a Liberal and a Conservative?
  7. Liberals revert
  8. He's pretty good for a white player...
  9. Power politics trumps ideological platforms
  10. Arkansas; Attorney files proposal for LEGAL Marijiuana
  11. Climate Hypocrites
  12. The Health Care Bill Is Political Suicide
  13. Dreading our future
  14. Israel Harvested Organs From Dead Palestinians
  15. Overreaching leaves Obama with few friends
  16. To all the posters in the tank..........
  17. When democrats pay their bribes they wont use their own money, they will use ours.
  18. Did the GOP miss an opportunity on healthcare?
  19. Are you a pot head.
  20. most important event for you this decade
  21. Christmas Presents in the Tank
  22. My congressman is switching from Dem to GOP
  23. Rand Paul: Kicking tail and Taking Names
  24. Bomb Iran, not Barbara Ann
  25. Georgia murder suspect kin to victim 3 different ways...?
  26. Balloon Boy's parents get jail
  27. I have never been more disappointed in or more cynical of our federal government than
  28. A few of my thoughts on the domestic economy.
  29. Twas the day before Christmas as they all sat on the Hill. "Who cares if it's bad,...
  30. Once Again
  31. What Doctors and Patients Have to Lose Under ObamaCare
  32. Which one is false
  33. Congrats Dems this is what you got...sleep with this pig..
  34. Profiling
  35. Michelle Bachman is a Welfare Queen.
  36. Open letter to Krauthammer
  37. When is Janet Napolitano going to be fired?
  38. A positive Obama thread....
  39. Operation Northwoods
  40. serious question
  41. Gays ruin another marriage
  42. Does anyone in the White House have a lick of sense?
  43. Clean Coal?
  44. So... Obama doesn't celebrate Christmas...
  45. Move your money
  46. Tennessee's secessionist movement
  47. Russia wants to try and deflect an asteroid, this ought to be scary!
  48. Cheney vs. White House
  49. The decade of FAIL.
  50. Rush Limbaugh rushed to the hospital in Hawaii with Chest Pains.
  51. It can read your mind
  52. Today's the deadline Obama imposed on the Iranians to give up their nuclear ambitions
  53. The Panty Bomber lawyers up.
  54. Use Thorium instead of Uranium in reactors? Sound great to me.
  55. Why do we have 16 spy agencies? Wouldn't 2 or 3 do?
  56. Life in 2010
  57. Obama's TSA nominee....the beat goes on
  58. "Amending Executive Order 12425"
  59. Congress is...
  60. Dems declare war on Rasmussen?
  61. Kathleen Parker starting to sour on Hopenchange?
  62. The Joke’s on Us
  63. Malaria no more
  64. Former VP's
  65. Should the U.S.A. torture the undie-bomber?
  66. Austrian School of Economics
  67. I'm more worried about the Fresh Water Supply
  68. State embarrassment
  69. National embarrassment
  70. The Terroist who won't die
  71. Frozen Al Gore sculpture is back for 2010
  72. Fake zip codes receive as much as $9.5 million in federal stimulus dollars
  73. Dodd not seeking re-election.
  74. The future of entertainment
  75. We now have a government payroll led economy
  76. Tea Party head warns GOP of Florida repeat
  77. Dorgan is also not running for re-election
  78. Unemployment in Blue Michigan hurting Dems
  79. Great Energy Policy...
  80. Generic Ballot: Republicans 44%, Democrats 35%
  81. GOP having no problem finding good and plentiful candidates
  82. We Shouldn't Try Terrorists in U.S. Courts
  83. What? How can this be? The Democrat brand is untarnishable! It's proposterous I say!
  84. Offensive or Cool?
  85. Healthcare home stretch
  86. Former Dem Congressman politicizing terrorism failures.....
  87. 'He Didn't Let a Little Terrorism Interrupt His Vacation'
  88. The aspirations of PIZ
  89. Geithner’s Fed Told AIG to Limit Swaps Disclosure
  90. There's just something about this A-hole tht I don't like. Can't put my finger on it.
  91. Transparency appears near the White House
  92. Couple of Economic Questions
  93. Execution on Louisiana
  94. Immigration Reform
  95. 11 months after hopenchange took charge of the U.S. economy....
  96. Worst Congress in history?
  97. Can we drop the crap about terrorists being created by poverty and lack of jobs?
  98. Married Couples Pay More Than Unmarried Under Health Bi
  99. Giuliani denies 9/11 happened
  100. Sharia Law at it's finest.
  101. Unions Declare War on Obama
  102. Analysis: Obama's buck-stopping goes only so far
  103. Culture of Corruption Produces Awful Health Care Bill
  104. Global warming is a feasible solution to global warming
  105. Neal Boortz: Hey, Olbermann, the lines are open
  106. Ben Bernanke - Person of the Year article.
  107. Liberal Democrats' total hypocrisy on race illustrated yet again
  108. China passes the US in car sales
  109. QUICK! Somebody get the scissors!
  110. In Defense of Tea Parties
  111. AIG, autos offset Treasury bank bailout profits
  112. Tax cuts?
  113. Martha Coakley: No terrorists left in Afghanistan
  114. A new law to support?
  115. I just said this in a thread the other day: 16 seperate spy agencies is too many.
  116. How to win the war with Islam
  117. Welcome your two new mods.......
  118. Scott Brown: 'It's me against the machine'
  119. Faux Recovery - Don't believe the hype about green jobs
  120. Can Pat Robertson just die already please? (Haiti Earthquake their fault)
  121. MLK day questions
  122. December sales figures
  123. More Bad News
  124. Rush joins his butt buddy Pat Roberston in the Haiti bashing
  125. Can Danny Glover just die already please? (Haiti Earthquake caused by global warming)
  126. Buying off the Union with your tax dollars
  127. Good read on faking numbers to support casues...
  128. From Zombie Pigs to Hibernating Soldiers
  129. States gaining power under Obama
  130. Favorite Political Cartoons
  131. New Tax on Banks?
  132. MSNBC Libtalker Ed Schultz Supports Cheating In Massachusetts
  133. Wow it is 61 degrees here on January 17.
  134. The "rehabilitation" of George W. ?
  135. How did the country end up so polarized?
  136. So with supermajority in Senate in serious doubt, Biden says this
  137. The Lilly White Basketball League
  138. Martha Coakley Has a Dream
  139. The first amendment and Amish?
  140. Here's a new way to raise money for Haiti
  141. Obama's domestic priorities in Gallup Poll freefall
  142. The end of American Exceptionalism
  143. One guess as to what countries are conspicuously absent from doners list for Haiti
  144. Coakley concedes: Brown win handily in Massachusetts
  145. A republican winning in Mass...
  146. CEO's Freddie and Fannie rob America
  147. Lap dancers attempt to wiggle out of prostitution charges on a grammar technicality
  148. Homosexuality in the South
  149. Professor Is a Label That Leans to the Left
  150. Making Money
  151. Why we need a third party.
  152. Birmingham===Detroit Part II
  153. Report: House liberals tell Pelosi they won’t play ping pong on ObamaCare
  154. Martha Coakley's answering machine....LMAO
  155. Would the courts have ruled differently had the parents been christian?
  156. Blame the Left for Massachusetts
  157. Mandatory Military Service?
  158. Nueroscience update, mind control
  159. Supreme Court Kills McCain-Feingold
  160. Dems Want Debt Limit Raised $1.9 Trillion
  161. Pelosi pulls plug on health care reform
  162. The State of Disunion
  163. Natural gas and industry?
  164. Worst week ever for liberals and Obama?
  165. End Of Days; Will the Sun die?
  166. Obama's Bank Tax. I'm for it.
  167. Preach It, Reverend Tom Sowell, Preach It!!!
  168. The Left’s Palinization of the Brown family
  169. Olbermann crawls back seeking Jon Stewart's forgivness........
  170. White House nightmare persists
  171. Palin Sucks
  172. Bill Clinton's Shameful Haiti Legacy
  173. Anti-Obama lefty tantrum of the day
  174. Government influence on markets...
  175. A Plan for Haiti
  176. Existing home sales take largest drop in over 40 years
  177. Chemical Ali executed in Iraq. Allah Akbar
  178. Editorial Cartoons
  179. Too bad she doesn't live in a Christian country or she might have gotten justice
  180. Public's Priorities for 2010: Economy, Jobs, Terrorism
  181. Sad but also a bit disturbing
  182. Liberals Cool on Obama's Spending "Freeze"
  183. That was quick
  184. Liberals tuning out
  185. N.O.W. out to get Tebow
  186. A good idea but I think it's a little too targeted.
  187. How the heck......
  188. Idiots
  189. Obama's Teleprompter
  190. Sandra Day O'Connor speaks out against SCOTUS' Citizens United decision
  191. Dem impasse on health bill continues
  192. Heart-ache: Bob Herbert is so very disappointed in Obama
  193. Paul Ryan proposes a roadmag to turn the country around
  194. 132: The Number of Times Obama Refers to Himself in One Speech
  195. ****The Official State of the Union****Thread
  196. Here's the clip of Alito.
  197. From last night's State of the Union?
  198. Hey USC90 (aka the "Get a Room Cock fans" Thread)
  199. Every Senate Democrat voted to raise debt limit to $14.3 trillion
  200. Animal Right knocks Dairy farm practices
  201. When did they pass Cap and Trade?
  202. Think Obama needs a teleprompter?
  203. Apparently, murder is still murder
  204. And so it begins
  205. Why do we not want health insurance to be like car insurance?
  206. Obama Acts to Ease Way to Construct Reactors(special gift for au59).
  207. Roubini Calls U.S. Growth ‘Dismal and Poor,’ Predicts Slowing
  208. Awesome web sight that explain financial terms and systems to chimps like me.
  209. TARP Today
  210. Michael Moore receives Michigan tax subsidy he criticized
  211. How to Reform Our Financial System by Paul Volcker
  212. The Dollar's Scary Decline
  213. Baptist Group Accused of Child Trafficking
  214. Obama waging unhelpful war against contractors
  215. Respect
  216. Lech Walesa Speaks Out........
  217. It is cold outside thus global warming is a hoax
  218. Obama bow to Tampa mayor- LOL
  219. Obama pulls the axe on NASA moon landing
  220. Canadian leader comes to U.S. for heart surgery
  221. If you folks REALLY want to help those in need.......
  222. The Taxpayer's Money Pit: Freddie and Fannie
  223. Backdoor taxes to hit middle class
  224. Virginia Senate bills say no to requiring health insurance
  225. Trouble for Democrats in Arkansas
  226. Which is the decade of profligacy?
  227. Barack Obama’s former mentor criticises ‘complacent Administration’
  228. Obama's Budget Proposal (with cool graphics)
  229. The Lancet Recants Study Linking Autism To Vaccine
  230. AIG Bonuses
  231. Justice Thomas Defends Campaign Finance Ruling
  232. First-time jobless claims rise unexpectedly
  233. Landrieu says Republicans should 'shut their mouth
  234. Why are our health care costs so high?
  235. DOJ Seeking Qualified Mentally Retarded Lawyers?
  236. Al Franken lays into David Axelrod over health care bill
  237. This is conservatism?
  238. Patrick Kennedy: Scott Brown's candidacy 'a joke'
  239. So how is YOUR day?
  240. Poll: If your acclerator gets stuck
  241. 53% of Democrats view socialism positively
  242. Wouldn't a better punishment have been to make her clean all the desks in the school?
  243. How are you guys enjoying the convention?
  244. Pelosi: Where Are the Jobs, Mr. President?
  245. Did the GOP tax cuts cause the deficit to explode?
  246. Cannot. Stop. Laughing
  247. Looks pretty mainstream conservative to me...
  248. Big Bang explodes on Democrats
  249. The $100 bill
  250. being retarded