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  1. Just something I thought I would point out
  2. Bush overrules EPA
  3. Oil Companies are economic terrorists
  4. Unrest in Tibet....
  5. Senate Rejects Proposed One-Year Ban On Pet Projects
  6. Another preacher who should watch his mouth.
  7. I have a question
  8. Good news out of Jena
  9. Los Spurs?
  10. NYT relies on newsmax as source material
  11. Another Victory for Diversity
  12. Craigslist scores a victory
  13. Wall Street on Welfare
  14. The national security candidate shows off his expertise
  15. If You Couldn't Live in America Anymore
  16. World countries and their GDP compared to US states
  17. 2nd Amendment update
  18. *****visa Ipo******
  19. This black preacher really dislikes Obama
  20. Good Friday
  21. Want to move to GA?
  22. third party and internal division
  23. Blip - Are we Japan or Sweden?
  24. Obama’s comparison irks Ferraro
  25. White House and e-mails....
  26. Viva La Reconquista!
  27. Non-existent Recession blamed on Reagan appointee
  28. The rise of antisemitism except in...
  29. Repossessing the United States
  30. Chris Wallace: Voice of Reason at Fox News
  31. Damn do they know such?
  32. Just got back from Easter early service...
  33. Here you go DinD....Hard to believe I beat you to it
  34. British House of Commons
  35. An Easter miracle....
  36. Perjury is no big deal
  37. Grandma got run over by Obama...
  38. Immigration gumballs.......
  39. What the ambulance chasers have wrought on Virginia taxpayers
  40. Medicare to start paying out more than it receives THIS YEAR
  41. Don't mess with Texas, Mr. Bush
  42. Political Correctness
  43. conservative oxymoron, liberal myth, or just the truth?
  44. The lost decade on the stock market
  45. High school coach replaced because he's white
  46. More hope and change
  47. Expanding the definition of terrorist
  48. Little League Ultimate Fiighting
  49. Whatever the situation is in Iraq proves the surge works
  50. Neat story.
  51. Pledge of Allegiance explained...
  52. I don't really know what to say...
  53. Axis of Evil Members test fires rockets
  54. Good news out of Jena, Part Deux
  55. Some Political Reasoning (long)
  56. Dr. Dean chimes in
  57. News from the local front
  58. Transgender man is pregnant.
  59. Spitzer Avoids Another Indictment
  60. Why aid to Africa is a waste
  61. Bodies of baby seal hunters found
  62. Sunday morning epiphanies
  63. Solution to Man-Made Global Warming
  64. The Battle of Basra
  65. Israel Removing Road Blocks
  66. Active duty military deaths since 1980
  67. FDR Reincarnated
  68. This month's badass
  69. Tell me honestly if you think I overreacted please!!!
  70. Euthanasia
  71. Is America becoming a moral Third World nation?
  72. Why You Should Not Mug A Marine
  73. Victory for companies or consumers?
  74. Tips on Money Laundering
  75. Pentagon memo on torture (2003)
  76. The truth behind the Bear Stearns collapse
  77. Guess who are the biggest piggies in Congress?
  78. The U.S. Fighting Forces, the Biggest Balls of 'em All
  79. PC police out........ again
  80. If human rights are so important
  81. St. Mary Parish unemployment at 3.6%
  82. The Key Issue In the 2008 Election
  83. Clinton Library
  84. Emergency Room
  85. Okay, Think Tankers
  86. National PMS
  87. R.I.P. Dr. King
  88. no-confidence vote on the free market
  89. I always said the left was funny
  90. ACLU rips apart another school system
  91. You can trust the big corporation. No, really....
  92. First Church of Oprah
  93. Condi Rice Damns America.........
  94. David Mamet is no longer a "Brain-dead" liberal
  95. States Rights meets "National Security"
  96. Don't forget the Mid-East refugees
  97. Atheist Father Fights Catholic School Enrollment
  98. Sonny Bono's death a mob hit
  99. Otherwise the story was accurate. (Bias in the media)
  100. 75 years ago, Liberals beat Conservatives
  101. This report = Conservative nightmare
  102. The latest from Fallujah
  103. Centrifuges of peace
  104. The benefits of partisanship
  105. East Texas Teenager Attacked . . .
  106. Explain a leap of faith to me.
  107. Georgia's terrorist scare
  108. Is religious tolerance returning to public schools?
  109. Death penalty and the 8th amendment
  110. The Death Penalty, are you for or against.
  111. The end of the American Exception?
  112. Organ recipients take on characteristics...
  113. Calling out all potential partners to the Axis of evil
  114. New Prosthetic Arm for Veterans
  115. How do you get around a fence?
  116. Those that Oppose Barack Obama's Approach to Iran
  117. Hi...
  118. You call this bringing hope & change?
  119. question for you lawyers......
  120. Republicans - It is Bush's party now
  121. Herschel Walker's multiple personalities
  122. Saudi Arabia to leave some oil discoveries undeveloped
  123. "Awl bidness" people, question for ya
  124. Racist or minor PC infraction?
  125. Approximately 9 billion reasons immigrants are staying
  126. Steady job, good benefits? Go to Mexico
  127. Saudi Arabia cuts the heads off drug smuglers
  128. Marilyn Monroe sex film?
  129. I thought Basra was a losing battle??
  130. 4 out of 5 baptist divorcees
  131. Supreme Court Upholds Lethal Injection in Kentucky 7-2
  132. Ahmadinejad gets tired of denying Holocaust
  133. You have got to read this short story
  134. Corruption in my colleges SGA elections
  135. Georgians pay for doing the right thing
  136. Do you suffer from eco-anxiety?
  137. Al Qaeda and Issues with Money
  138. Does life suck?
  139. Offended?
  140. Are terrorists racist?
  141. Sky Angel Cowboy
  142. Is Oil Really So Expensive?
  143. Since the Dems took over Congress in 2006
  144. Your Taxes under Pubs and Dems
  145. More Oil Drilling, Please
  146. marijuana decriminalization bill
  147. Hamas endorses Obama
  148. Gas prices around the world
  149. I paid $86.00 to fill my car today....
  150. Proof that racing isn't a sport...
  151. Latest example of why Chicago is an absolute hellhole.......
  152. Now the Christians are beating up on Christians
  153. The dangers of "cheerleading"
  154. So, what is the difference?
  155. Should Al Gore receive another Nobel Prize?
  156. The evolution of the Religious Right
  157. Carter's idea of peace
  158. Have you altered your driving habits? aka the Death of the Sunday drive thread
  159. PETA vs. Al Gore
  160. If a man is not the first in line it is still rape
  161. Micheal Moore endorses Obama...
  162. Bush supports increased GI Bill bennies.
  163. Clinton on Iran attack
  164. Bush, Harper, Calderon meet in New Orleans
  165. Don't touch me there.
  166. Its Earth Day, how are you celebrating?
  167. Oil at $180
  168. Man arrested for selling military secrets to Israel
  169. Do you like puppies?
  170. Tony Snow returns to broadcasting
  171. Herchel's church?
  172. Easter Bunny Endorses Obama........
  173. If you could control who gets in to heaven...
  174. Will there be shortages in our markets?
  175. Should Bible distribution be allowed in public places?
  176. Eliminating "Genetic predisposition"
  177. CIA Confirms: Israel Bombed Nuclear Reactor in Syria
  178. Was DinD in D.C. Yesterday?
  179. Greenpeace founder now backs nuclear power
  180. Top Sunni Bloc Is Set to Rejoin Cabinet-After crackdown on Shiite militias in Basra.
  181. Operation Pastorius
  182. Justice Scalia still defends Bush v. Gore ruling
  183. Does the administration want us to forget?
  184. Ecclesiastes 3
  185. Daughter and dad?
  186. Obama's own words
  187. After careful consideration I have decided...
  188. Wallenberg dead for 61 years?
  189. Cops chase "smiley face" killers
  190. Eat your heart out, Billy Ray............
  191. "I can no more disown him than I can disown the black community..."
  192. Why aren't we on metric system again?
  193. People of Lesbos take gay group to court over term 'Lesbian'
  194. White House Admit Fault on "Mission Accomplished" Banner
  195. In a hostage situation...
  196. Food and Fuel.
  197. Global Warming may 'stop' scientists say
  198. Why are liberal Pubs described as Moderates?
  199. Meanwhile............
  200. So this Administration is saying companies can pollute all they want?
  201. Feds: You say 'jihadist,' I say 'violent extremist'
  202. Anybody seen Charlie Wilson's War?
  203. Speaking of movies . . .
  204. The Empire Strikes Barack
  205. Back From Syria
  206. Would you eat 2,900 calorie cheese fries?
  207. Math thru the years...
  208. If the gas tax holiday is such a great idea..
  209. Should other companies take their cue from wineries?
  210. Who would Jesus deport?
  211. ? for the Texans
  212. Bankruptcy
  213. How Iraq hamstrings US in Afghanistan
  214. Photo ID law takes out nuns
  215. Homeless People
  216. A Neocon comes to grips with Iraq
  217. Bible Park USA
  218. Al Gore links Cyclone to Global Warming
  219. 10 Deadliest Storms in Recorded History
  220. Is Operation Chaos keeping Hillary Clinton in the race?
  221. Sharia Divorce not yet allowed in Maryland
  222. Falling oil production may force Indonesia to leave OPEC
  223. A white-collar sentence of 330 years. (That's not a typo.)
  224. Matos McGreevey Claims Extreme Cruelty In Filing
  225. Did pressure to raise body count #s lead to murder in Iraq?
  226. Seeking help on tax question: Legal issue
  227. The Flag Poll... get it?
  228. The Flag Poll
  229. Dubai, the oil's record prices are going toward their lavished city...
  230. Great article on global warming....
  231. Pedophiles and child traffickers first into Myanmar
  232. Like a true politician- Obama puts on a flag pin.
  233. China quake toll soaring upward
  234. 20th hijacker freed at Guantanamo Bay
  235. Latest potent biofuel made from Sweet sorghum sap
  236. Freedom Fries Congressman introduces useful legislation
  237. Federal deficit on the rise (again)
  238. Should Cindy McCain release her tax records?
  239. Basra may not be the cluster **** some thought it was
  240. I thought timelines were a bad idea...
  241. Yay! We're #18!
  242. Senators Warn Global Warming Bill Could Spike Gas $1.50 to $5 a Gallon
  243. Activist Judges
  244. WHy doesn't the GOP support our troops?
  245. Could you answer the question better than James?
  246. Huckabee is not much of a comedian
  247. History Lesson...
  248. Bride of Clinton luck still holding....
  249. Morehouse valedictorian is white!!!
  250. Enjoy your A/C this summer while you still can