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  1. Interesting Interview.......
  2. $3,000 tax break for every job created
  3. God's rep at stake - vote McCain
  4. This is truely an historic election
  5. Obama's educational policy
  6. McCain and Saddam- BUDDIES!?!
  7. Is Georgia in play?
  8. Politico offers candidates some zingers.
  9. More comes to light about Palin and ethics
  10. Obama's missing documents
  11. No one's voiting for Obama because he's black
  12. Spinoff from EcDawg's thread yesterday
  13. liberals everywhere trash McCain
  14. Early Voting
  15. Did anyone else get this chain email a few weeks ago?
  16. A "doh" moment.
  17. GOP campaign flyer
  18. Military "in the tank" for McCain.
  19. Obama voters - Howard Stern
  20. Intersting Development: Gallup Daily: Likely Voters
  21. BS Alert: Secret Service says "Kill him" allegation unfounded
  22. Have you failed to watch a single second of the debates?
  23. Candidates - the lighter side
  24. Ronald Reagan Returns in Form of Joe the Plumber
  25. A little political humor: Next season on Dancing with the Stars...
  26. Why This Election Will Be Close: Hushed Confessions
  27. Obama luvs watermelon, ribs and fried chicken
  28. One more "candidate quiz"
  29. Powell endorses Obama
  30. first voter fraud registration arrest of '08
  31. If you guys want to b!tch, find something real to b!tch about
  32. Spread the wealth, except in America
  33. Obama to be tested
  34. Early Voting, who will partake!!!
  35. Wow computering McCain to a Nazi
  36. Catching and stopping fraud
  37. Which candidate is more sincere about leaving the campaign trail?
  38. Kerry: McCain and depends?
  39. Stewart: **** You, Palin and small town America (article)
  40. Republicans and race: a question
  41. Obama's Tax Math
  42. Palin wants federal ban on gay marriage
  43. Biden on Obama administration decisions
  44. Foley "endorses" Obama
  45. McCain finally scores a hit on Obama's flip flopping
  46. AP INVESTIGATION: Palin children traveled on state
  47. How can anyone still support Obama?
  48. Money talks in the campaign: Obama shatters funds record
  49. Why I'm voting Democrat
  50. Why polls are worthless as a turd....2 polls from October 22
  51. Heaven help us!
  52. Foundations of the economy strong?
  53. Mitch McConnell in trouble?
  54. Media coverage more negative for McCain
  55. How McCain can still pull this out
  56. How to win an election or...
  57. Palin just lost her right wing street cred
  58. Obama responds to charges his campaign accepted fraudulent credit card donations
  59. Most accurate pollster of 2004 has the campaign ...
  60. What if Obama does not win?
  61. I'm glad the whole world is not voting
  62. Kissing it good-bye
  63. Palin's speech in Penn. about special needs kids
  64. Ayers is a terrorist, right?
  65. Bush's Resignation Speech
  66. "Russians" love Palin
  67. Mugger claim was a fake
  68. Charles Krauthammer
  69. Complete democratic control?
  70. Obama illegally investigated Joe the Plumber
  71. Cory the Well Driller
  72. Media bias???
  73. Obama, in 2001 Interview, Lamented Failure of Civil Rights Movement to Redistribute W
  74. Why are you voting for canidate X
  75. Where did you stand on Palin?
  76. Need to be careful about voting straight ticket.
  77. Obama urging America to "Take the Day Off"
  78. NYT Op-Ed: GOP must change
  79. Something errily familar about this.
  80. Seven reasons McCain wins on Nov. 4
  81. Real voter election tampering
  82. Obama finally plays the Palin card
  83. The Official Who are You Voting For Poll
  84. LA Times withholding Obama video?
  85. Is Murtha on the way out?
  86. Someone finally says it!
  87. ***warning: potentially very offensive Sarah Palin joke!***
  88. Why McCain will win part 2
  89. Sign stealer gets the shock of his life
  90. Ok socialist isn't working... let's try communist
  91. First exit poll of actual American votes from Israel shows big McCain win
  92. US election: If Iraqis could vote it would be for McCain
  93. Another step toward censorship?
  94. On a lighter note, an oldie but a goodie
  95. Tennessee fan/McCain worker reaches deal in made-up assault case
  96. If she can run as VP, she should be allowed to vote
  97. MNF to host interview
  98. What is this world coming too?
  99. VP pick does not matter?
  100. Is this what we have to look forward to under President Obama?
  101. ****2008 Presidential Election Pick'em****
  102. Middle class being redefined by dems
  103. I'm voting Democrat because...
  104. November 4th Poll Closing Times
  105. 35%
  106. Why wasn't this used in a political ad?
  107. Modest expectations from an Obama Supporter
  108. Palin pranked in phone call
  109. The Fallout
  110. McCain will win Pennsylvania
  111. What if Obama loses?
  112. Does McCain Stand a Chance?
  113. The first five things for the new president
  114. You think McCain can pick up some PETA votes with this?
  115. McCain or Obama, its all good
  116. OMFG McCain won!
  117. OMFG Obama won!
  118. Sowell on Obama and the Law
  119. National Police Force?
  120. Culture war question
  121. Fred Barnes - will he be seen a a genius?
  122. Poll: Which way do the markets swing after the presidential election
  123. HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT!!!! Everyone must read!!!!!
  124. Investigator: No Evidence Palin Violated Ethics Law
  125. From the mouth of "Satan"
  126. **Election Day Thread**
  127. How I voted
  128. So which station will you be tuned in to tonight?
  129. Why McCain will win part 3
  130. From MTV's "Ask Obama"
  131. Warning to all you java loving voters in Georgia
  132. Voter intimidation in Philly
  133. Hey Joe!!
  134. Necktucky goes to McBush..
  135. A quick quiz for election night.
  136. Great to be a father
  137. One dang classy speech!
  138. A wake-up call?
  139. Attention: To all Christians reading this forum
  140. Is it now possible to prove
  141. What cost McCain the election?
  142. A quick question about election night in your area
  143. Welcome, President Obama, to the world we live in...
  144. Where did McCain perform better than Bush 4 years ago?
  145. People who get mountains named after them usually accomplish something first.
  146. An interesting side note to the election
  147. Election forum?
  148. Do you like the Wizard of Id?
  149. Stevens now losing in Alaska
  150. Minnesota's recount is a mess.
  151. The 2012 Repub Ticket Will Be......
  152. File this under "Do as I say, Not as I do."
  153. Gov. Charlie Crist to run for Florida seat in the U.S. Senate
  154. OMFG: Lou Holtz considering running for Congress in Central Florida
  155. Should Mitt Romney seek Ted Kennedy's Senate Seat?
  156. Maybe burquas aren't such a bad idea
  157. The Next Republican POTUS?
  158. Mark Sanford Getting Divorce
  159. Bombshell: Crist 43%, Rubio 43%
  160. Pub with possible shot at Kennedy's Senate Seat next week?
  161. Rubio tops Crist in straw poll in Crist's home county
  162. This guy actually won election
  163. Evan Bayh retiring....more bad news for Dems
  164. Paul decries challenge in “my own primary”
  165. Pubs want Obama to campaign more in mid-terms
  166. Democrats' Obama bounce in California disappearing
  167. Harold Ford: Democrats are 'scared'
  168. Charlie Crist's brutal polling numbers
  169. Goodnight Charlie Crist
  170. Does Gary Johnson (former NM governor) Have a Shot?
  171. Nick Saban's Salary and the Alabama Governors Race
  172. Gary Johnson's "Our America Initiative"
  173. McCain's opponent - tea party guy? Really?
  174. NY Times Ratings
  175. The most interesting political contest will be...
  176. "Conservative activists" straw poll results
  177. Is Barney Frank in trouble?
  178. I'm you
  179. Jim DeMint started and is responsible for the recession.....
  180. Republicans put 99 Democrat-held House seats in danger
  181. Is Christine O'Donnell another Sarah Palin?
  182. NBC: Just a reminder that Dem shrieking over “front groups” completely hypocritical
  183. I voted! Did you?
  184. Plain crazy
  185. Hmmmmm. Interesting
  186. No surrender, no compromise, no capitulation.
  187. Republican election surge hits U.S. state houses
  188. Absentee ballots
  189. I'm Shocked, I tell ya, Shocked!!!!
  190. 10 races to remember in 2010
  191. 2012 targets already in GOP's sights
  192. I keep telling y'all my town is stupid.
  193. Alaska finally has a Senator
  194. Newt Gingrich tells Georgia Republicans he’ll be a candidate in ‘12
  195. Chicago's new mayor
  196. Craig James polls worse than Obama in Lubbock
  197. Trump
  198. April Poll Finds Few Favorites as G.O.P. Fight for President Gels
  199. Jackie Gingrich Cushman : Setting the Record Straight
  200. Herman Cain for President 2012
  201. NJ Governor Chris Christie's big secret.
  202. Dems take GOP incumbent seat (red since the 1970's), running on Ryan budget.
  203. Just who is Herman Cain? And what does his presidential run mean for the GOP?
  204. Pawlenty's economic, budget and tax proposals
  205. Newt Gingrich's top aides abandon campaign...
  206. Campaign commercials
  207. Herman Cain in '12!
  208. Tea Party "fiscal responsibility" in action
  209. Perry offically throwing hat in for President
  210. Republican Presidential Debate on Fox News
  211. Bachman wins, Pawlenty drops out.
  212. Stupidist campaign promise ever?
  213. Americans Elect 2012
  214. Never-Wrong Pundit Picks Obama to Win in 2012
  215. One in four Dems want to dump Obama
  216. Fwwjv
  217. Governor Jindal endorses Perry for president
  218. Tonight's Pub debate....
  219. Perry is going to end it all.
  220. "Camp ******head"
  221. Perry "open" to sending troops
  222. CP (or anyone S.B.C), is this really true?
  223. Who knows less about foreign policy?
  224. Christie supports Romney
  225. Republican Debate on Bloomberg TV
  226. Black on Black
  227. Cain Leads in Iowa
  228. WHo knew Cain was pro-choice
  229. Do you vote for the party or for the candidate?
  230. Perry's New Hampshire speech
  231. Pick The Top 3 GOP Candidates
  232. Kentucky governor Steve Beshear could show Obama the re-election ropes.
  233. Governor Perry’s debate gaffes
  234. Ron Paul ignored during debate questioning
  235. Forming a Cabinet alrady?
  236. Newt, Freddie Mac paid "historian"
  237. Buddy Roemer
  238. Cain
  239. Jon Huntsman, conservative?
  240. Perry's homophobic TV ad doesn't even jive within his own campaign
  241. Newt 2012 Keeps Calling My House...
  242. ESPN analyst Craig James to run for U.S. Senate
  243. Gingrich fails to qualify for Va. primary ballot
  244. A Stay-At-Home Mom
  245. McCain backs Mitt
  246. Santorum and "moral" decay
  247. Another candidate for President for your consideration
  248. LMAO @ conservatives
  249. "Mitt the Ripper"
  250. Huntsman quits, backs Romney